What are you supposed to do in one of these “All About Me” pages?
Do I tell you that I like the way the summer sun feels on my hiney?
I just don’t know.

For lack of anything better to do, how about a roster?


NoGoodDaddy: That’s me. I got the name some time back by a precocious blonde girl I live in Raleigh NC and do too much traveling for my job.

JewelrySlut: My lovely wife. And, no, the name does not mean that she needs jewelry. She used to work in the jewelry business and happens to be…well…fun to be married to.

Shmuppie: The kid. And the giver of the name of this site. What can I say about her? She’s cute as all hell and will probably drive me an early grave.

Chicken: We sometimes call her Moo. She joined the fray in 2009

SecretAgentBrother: My younger brother. He lives in the DC area

NoGoodMother: My mother. She causes me to lose my hair.

NoGoodFather: Married to NoGoodMother. He has no hair.

ChurchBomber: JewelrySlut’s best friend. She hails from Northern Ireland and is Protestant. Clever nickname, no?

MerlotMan: ChurchBomber’s husband. Despite being 4 months older than my father, he’s my best friend. I have cured him of his affinity for Merlot, but the name sticks


HealthCareRelatedCompany: Where I used to work and used to “work for”. It was confusing.
RedCompany: Where I now work, but I actually more or less work on HealthCareRelatedCompany’s account.

I don’t think I talk about much else here. What I mostly do is whine about the conditions at airports in Newark, Philadelphia and Raleigh
Really, you should go read something else.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. So I found you on WebMiss’ blogroll. Saw the first entry which has a picture of pizza. I wiped the drool off my chin and then read the About page and that had me laughing. I’ll definately come back again! =)

  2. We met on the Wayward Sailor in August of 2008. Once we were home and reminiscing about the trip, I saw you in a video dancing in St. John Spice. Hilarious, but it took a while to realize I actually knew who it was! Then I found this site. . . It took me this long to post a comment.
    Congrats on the baby!!!

  3. Why haven’t you posted anything since January? I mean, I know life was sucking for you, but don’t you still aspire to be a writer? Your fan base misses you greatly. I, longingly, still have you on my favs, check you daily and am hoping for a second coming. Are you out there?

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