She’s 6? What the fuck happened to us? And, where’d all my hair go?

Happy Birthday, Shmuppie. We love you very much even if you lead us to borderline alcoholism.

Let’s add some photos:

Literally…her birthday


(no pictures found)




10 thoughts on “6?

  1. So does this mean you’ve cemented your status as Worst Parent Ever by having no photos of Shmpuuie’s birthdays? (that might be one of your best typos EVER)

  2. Only NGD is the worst parent ever, right? I mean I was up for Mother of the Year until WCG took that honor away from me with someone’s “made up” word. I sadly admit defeat…

  3. JS, please note the singular form of PARENT.

    I’m coming to NC for my birthday so you guys can get me an awesome cake. I don’t want some crappy m&m cake, either. I want it to have nascar drivers, banjos, confederate flags, and cars up on blocks on it. Yummo!!

    (I used that Rachael Ray word just for you, ass monkey)

  4. Just confirmation Andria. Just confirmation.

    If you come visit us, I’ll make you a special cake even if it’s not your birthday. And you’ve seen the kind of cakes I make…
    How does a Confederate NASCAR penis grab you??

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