What you know about a 4-footed clay horse?

This all happened today:

TELG68: Both of the twins cancelled so I’m not going. I won’t be coming down Friday. I know you were so looking forward to my company so please don’t cry. You’ll get to abuse me soon, I’m sure. They’re supposed to be at their con they’re holding in November. FUCK!
nogooddaddy81: ok then
nogooddaddy81: i can’t say I’ll miss you at all
TELG68: I know. And I was so looking forward to ALL THAT ELECTRICITY AND RUNNING WATER.
nogooddaddy81: makes my schedule easier…I was going to have to take a conference call from my car
nogooddaddy81: get $$ back no the tickets?
nogooddaddy81: on
TELG68: No, they’re non-ref but if I don’t use them in Nov I can use them to visit family in Ft Myers. I’m thinking if I wait until they are cheaper than I paid I can switch destinations with minimal if no fee.
TELG68: Rumor has it they’re not going to refund the gold Ticket I bought, they’re giving out VOUCHERS for the Nov con. They SWEAR they will both be there then.
nogooddaddy81: on what airline?
TELG68: Southwest. BOTH WAYS, BABY.
nogooddaddy81: wait…I am talking about getting money back no the airline. I don’t give half a fuck about geek con
nogooddaddy81: on…again
nogooddaddy81: i didn’t think southwest had non-refundables…
TELG68: Yeah, I know but should I keep the airline tix or just get them refunded? I’m not getting any $$$ back so I HAVE to go to the next con to get my money’s worth.
TELG68: I used the Wanna Get Away rate.
TELG68: I thought that was non-refundable.
nogooddaddy81: oh yea…reusable only. no money back for you
nogooddaddy81: you have a 12-month credit with them
TELG68: I can use them in Nov.
nogooddaddy81: you can
nogooddaddy81: no change fee…i think
TELG68: and if I don’t go to GeekFest I can visit fam in Ft Myers.
nogooddaddy81: indeed
TELG68: I do get my $$ back from the photo ops. Like you care.
TELG68: Dude, have you seen that Gumby vid on YouTube that Sundry linked?
nogooddaddy81: no..have not read sundry in ages
TELG68: I’ll get the link.
nogooddaddy81: i’m on the site…
TELG68: Video
nogooddaddy81: “put that in the oven like the jews”
TELG68: HAHAHAHAHA!!!! That vid is so wrong on so many levels but I can’t stop laughing. Hubby didn’t get it AT ALL.
nogooddaddy81: leave me alone…i have to put the volume up to hear it and don’t need you chiming in
nogooddaddy81: holy shit
TELG68: Churn the butter, churn the butter, churn the butter…
nogooddaddy81: jesus christ…that’s beautiful
TELG68: I thought you’d appreciate that.
TELG68: I missed the jew comment though…
nogooddaddy81: right off the bat…put it in the oven like a jew
TELG68: Burn that shit! Yeah, I heard it after you mentioned it.
TELG68: Sucka dick!
nogooddaddy81: shit is rough
TELG68: I cna’t wait for the opportunity to ask Hubby how he likes mah dick now.
nogooddaddy81: burn these muthafuckas
nogooddaddy81: suckadick
TELG68: I need to send this to Andria…
TELG68: Are you watching any of the other vids?
nogooddaddy81: #3 right now
TELG68: The first one was funnier.
nogooddaddy81: much
TELG68: HAHA, they beat you to it: http://www.youtube.com/user/nogoodtv
nogooddaddy81: what you know about a 4-footed clay horse?
TELG68: Not much muthafuckah.
TELG68: So, when I’m ready to use the tickets from Southwest do I just show up at a flight and get a boarding pass or do I have to do something special? Also: it’s 80 degrees out and it was hailing earlier. HELL HAS FROZEN OVER. How you like mah dick now?
nogooddaddy81: what? are you a dumb fuck?
nogooddaddy81: you need to call them today and say “I can’t live out my perverted fantasies in FLA. Please credit my flight”
nogooddaddy81: Then, and save the confirmation #, call them when you want to fly and make a reservation
nogooddaddy81: it may seem like the bus, but it’s an actual airline. you can’t show up and say “I am WCG. I am here How ya like my dick now”
TELG68: So they’re going to credit my NON-REFUNDABLE tickets? WTF?
nogooddaddy81: They’re goping to issue you a credit with them…hold your $$ until you need it
nogooddaddy81: and, goping – going
TELG68: They’re going to grope me? OH GOODY.
nogooddaddy81: yo head look like a piece of winterfresh
nogooddaddy81: just call southwest
TELG68: So I just call them up and say “Let’s burn this shit”
nogooddaddy81: shit is rough, i can’t fly. how you like ma dick now?
nogooddaddy81: i’m fucking crying i’m laughing so hard
TELG68: So you want to eat me? I AM THE PIE. Mah dick is looooong
TELG68: Me too
TELG68: We’re so wrong

Than, I called her cell and we did nothing but laugh for a good minute.

the internet is fun

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  1. Lovely. Your first comment is spam. You change my first name (which everyone knows already) yet you leave Hubby’s name up. Who’s the dumbfuck now? THAT SHIT IS ROUGH, MAKES MY EYES POP OUT, JIGGLYPUFF.

    My entry looks prettier. HOW YOU LIKE MAH DICK NOW?

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