Then, I looked at the weather forecast.

Buffett this weekend. I’m getting ready.

ChurchBomber is flying in on Thursday night and spending the weekend here. We’re all going to the concert on Saturday.

I had huge plans for Saturday. Then, I looked at the weather forecast.

Saturday, in addition to being the Buffett concert, is Crawfish Day. My plan was to go to the Farmer’s Market nice and early and get my mud bugs. I’d cook them up at home and be ready to head out to the show at about 2:00. We’d spend the day taking in the sights, eating crawfish and washing the whole day down with beer.

Then…I saw the weather forecast.

As we all know, I’m one hell of a lousy parent. But, I’ve been known to have my moments. I had one yesterday. When I saw the weather, I realized there was no way in hell I could expect Shmuppie not to lose her fucking mind if she was out in the heat for nearly 10 hours. Plus, ChurchBomber told me in an email that she was worried about the heat.

So, we’re heading out a little later. I want to be in the lot by 5:00. That gives us 2 hours to hang out and see the sights before heading into the pavilion. We have lawn seats, so we need to get there with some time to spare to make sure we have a chance at a decent location.

It’s gonna be hot.



But, it will be fun. I’ve been more or less lurking on a Buffett fan site for the past few weeks watching the crazies plan this event. It was fun when they all started realizing at once just how hot it was going to be. I don’t suspect that things will be toned down at all for the hardcore crazies, but the average fans will likely be taking things easy. If you drink too much in that heat I think you just up and die don’t you?


The grass is doing well…in case you care. I lifted up a corner of one of the rolls today and saw roots starting to poke through down into the ground. That’s a good thing I guess. The zucchinis are getting big and look like they may start flowering soon. The cucumbers are doing the same.

Work is all kinds of fun. I think I’m getting a new job. I’ll still be with RedCompany, but in a different capacity. I’ll be doing a lot of what I do now (and I’m not sure what that is by the way), but reporting into a different boss. I think it’s a good thing. It’s more of a sales-focused position with production support. I think my job now is more of the opposite. The good thing is that, assuming I don’t fuck up, it will give me good exposure to other clients around the country. As I have learned, the only way to get your name out there is to go do it yourself. This could be a good opportunity to do so. All I know is that I keep getting paid for now. And, if I don’t like the new job, I can look inside of RedCompany or, heaven forbid, consider getting a job that requires me to bathe in the morning and leave the house. That could be bad for my soul.

It’s hot.

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