Swimmers step up

Thanks for asking. I am indeed feeling better. It took me long enough though. I was still battling angry belly through Wednesday last week. Between the heat and the stress, I’d just as soon forget last week.

We had one bright spot though.

**Parental bragging alert**

Now, as we know, I have more or less made this entire site into a place to discuss my irregular bowel habits and to make fun of my stupid kid. I more or less tell it like it is, and she deserves a lot of the abuse.

Last Thursday evening was her swim team’s inter-squad meet. They wanted to get all the kids in the pool and see where their times fell. The actual season starts this Thursday and they needed to know how sucky they all were. The meet kicked off with the girls 6 & under 25 free.

JewelrySlut and I had a feeling that as long as Shmuppie paid attention (a seriously tall order), she might be able to do very well. We had spent some time in our pool trying to get her to focus on just swimming; no talking during the race, no stopping to wave at people, no shitting around.

I had volunteered to be a timer for the meet. Since it’s a 10-lane pool and there only seem to be 3 girls in her age group, I had the race off. I also had a good view of the little fish. It was adorable. They herded the kids to the far side of the pool and started the race. Ignoring all we had taught her about now to start a race, Shmuppie did a hands-free dive into the pool.

From time to time, the kid can pull it all together. And, for 30.85 delightful seconds, she did. She won the race by 3-5 yards, smoking her 2 competitors. JewelrySlut and I kinda looked at each other with a mix of bewildered wonder and a look of “Oh shit…here we go”.

We’ve been telling Shmuppie all along that as long as she’s having fun and wants to swim, we’ll keep her on teams and do whatever is needed. At that moment, I saw my gas bills start rising.

Backstroke and breaststroke went the same. She beat the pants off her competitors. Again, there were only 2 other little girls and I’m not sure one knew how to swim, but she did win.

Of course, we had to speak to the kid about her “I won” dance she was doing on the pool deck. We had to explain that acting like that may hurt the feelings of the other kids and that she’d better be careful because 2 other teams are coming to town this week and she may not be very good by comparison.

In mid-July, there’s some sort of All-Raleigh swim meet. They expect over 800 kids to be at it. The top 3 from each age group qualify. Looks like I know where I’ll be that day.

And so it begins.

As for me, work still befuddles me. I think I almost have an idea of what RedCompany expects me to do. I’m just not sure it’s possible. I’m supposed to find opportunities within HealthCareRelatedCompany to bring in profitable work to our sites in PA and Dallas. Sounds straightforward, right? And when you consider that on production quantities up to about 50,000, we’re about 50% the cost of the existing suppliers, things should be easy, right.


I presented a job yesterday where Vendor A wanted $1400, vendor B wanted $950 and we wanted $475. They’re choosing Vendor B. Why? One of the reasons given is that we get too deep of a discount on postage. I was told that they would rather pay $.39 per piece to mail it instead of the $.32 we charge.

OK. I can’t argue with sound logic.

The sooner I can get off of HealthCareRelatedCompany and move towards other accounts and opportunities, the better off I will be. Even better may be getting a new job within RedCompany. But, I’ll bide my time for now until the summer passes.

In other news, I’m heading to DC on Saturday with the NoGoodFather to catch a Nationals game with SecretAgentBrother and SIL. Of course, on the way, we’re dropping Shmuppie and my mother off in Baltimore. Time for their annual excursion to Bermuda.

Then, next week, JewelrySlut and I are headed to NJ. There’s one last hurrah going on up there for work and I need to make an appearance. JewelrySlut is tagging along and using some miles. It should be fun…or something.

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