This why nobody missed me

RU Rah Rah.

Hoorah for Rutgers. A nice win over NC State last night. It made wearing my RU sweatshirt to the State basketball game all the more fun.

I’m trying to plan a vacation. We’re shuffling things around a tad this year and look to be taking our big trip in April when Shmuppie is off from school. We may end up going to Florida to see JewelrySlut’s father for a few days and then hiding out in a place like Cedar Key. A lot of that depends on how next week goes.

I have mixed emotions. It would be nice to see them, but we’re going to go crazy. Plus, the weather in FLA in early April won’t necessarily be “sit on the beach” hot. And, I think I’d like to go somewhere nice and warm and sandy. So, I’m more than a little obsessed with trying to find a place to go in the Caribbean that won’t break the bank. Damn the airlines and their insistence on charging such high fares. I’m hoping things come down a little bit after the New Year and we get closer to booking time. We’d like to go back to the DR, in spite of March’s mayhem. But, at over $800 per head for airfare alone, it’s a tad out of our range right now. I have my eye on Mexico in the meantime. If nothing else, this gives me something to obsess over for a few months. If anyone needs to know up to the second fares to the Caribbean from Raleigh, I’m your man.

My mother is now so sick that they have begged off watching Shmuppie for New Year’s Eve. Oh well. It’s not like we had anything fancy planned. We had reservations at a sushi place nearby. We’ll just make the reservation for 3. Shmuppie loves the place and is likely to eat us all under the table.

Life remains, for now, dull. I need to go upstairs and check my wood. I’m gluing veneer panels on the cabinets and wondering to anyone who will listen why I only have 3 clamps. 4 would be at least 255 better. Then I could do 2 panels at once and not have to use wee little nails to hold the panels in place. Some day, the kitchen will be done. Then, we’ll move on to our bathroom. Then, we’ll paint our room and the guest room. Then, I think, I’ll hire someone to do the rest of the damn painting.

Then, we’ll probably move.

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