Vaya con Dios you bald-headed weasel

I just got a call telling me that Non Erectus died this morning.


As I told someone, as much as I hated him and lived to bust his balls mercilessly, this is simply horrible.

To the week, we had another former coworker die this time last year.

Just FUCK!

I told Chris (former coworker) to never sit on a bench in Belmar again because I’m probably next on the list if he does.

One thought on “Vaya con Dios you bald-headed weasel

  1. I can say in absolute honesty that I would not feel in the slightest bit bad if my whackjob co-worker were to die. I hope for it daily. Hourly. Sometimes by the minute. Well, OK, I’d feel bad if maybe she puked on me first or something.

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