NoGoodDaddy V2.0

We’re gonna try this again

I mean, we’ve gone and messed the first one up about as much as possible. We can either try to do better or give her a partner in agony.

Updates will officially be shorter, more frequent, and horribly inappropriate. JewelrySlut will wish the internets had never been invented by the time I get done with this.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go throw up.

8 thoughts on “NoGoodDaddy V2.0

  1. Funny, I now have the urge to throw up, too.

    (Really I’m burning with jealousy inside that you get to go through the joy of no sleep, barf, poop, and relentless mind-numbing children’s programming while I go home to my cat who just wants to watch episodes of “Queer As Folk” over and over.)

  2. It’s not “partner in agony’, in our house their called “accomplices”. and everybody needs a sibling to back their stories up in therapy.

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