This does not end well for them

The Dr.’s office just called. JewelrySlut is not home. I had the nerve to answer the phone. Rather than give me the information they needed to communicate (it had to do with setting an appointment), the nurse asked for a cell phone number. This was said with a tone of “So we’ll never have to talk to you and your penis-having woman-demeaning self ever again”

These fuckers at the office have no idea what they’re getting themselves into. I am going to be their worst nightmare if they don’t shape up and stop acting like …wait for it…all the ladies out there who are easily offended better start cringing. You all know me well enough to know what’s coming, don’t you. Big Momma’s coming out!


There…I said it.

I’m not taking it back because I mean it.

2 thoughts on “This does not end well for them

  1. How on earth do you act like a woman’s genitals? How do a woman’s genitals act, exactly? Most of the time it sits there doing nothing, occasionally it gives awesome amounts of pleasure, and it regularly bleeds in an inconvenient fashion. I didn’t know medical staff did that.

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