More adventures in business travel

Maybe sometimes, I exaggerate, but this is the internet, and I can’t lie on it. We all know that if it’s on the internet, it’s true.

I got myself some dinner and went on to the hotel. Arriving in the parking lot, I noticed a news van in one of the spots.

Me: What now? What can possibly happen in this stupid town that’s newsworthy and also happens to be at my stupid hotel?

The cameraman is more or less standing in the middle of the lot, daring me to run him down. I swerve around him and park. In the time it takes me to get out of the car and get to the lobby, he’s managed to take about half the free cookies that are on the desk.

He wanders off to set up in the lobby.

Seriously…a live news feed from my hotel? Really, Action News, it’s that bad? This is the best you can do.

Of course, having visited the site and seen headlines such as “Pet Insurance: is it worth it?” maybe something happening here is news after all.

As I’m checking in, I decide to flex my funny muscle for a moment.

Me: A news crew?
Desk Lady: Yes.
Me: Really? I go to Tennessee for one week, and it’s newsworthy
Her: (Looking at me funny-like…still looking at me) Yea! You should have stayed here!
Me: Really…they’re setting up for a newscast here in the lobby?
Her: (sensing my apprehension and recognizing me as one of their frequent guests who also happens to also be a frequents complainer about the lack of water, clean towels, toilet paper or heat in his room). No…it’s not about us. (Whispers) It’s a guest
Me: ?
Her: There was a fire (not at the hotel). The guest was saved.
Me: Human Interest story?
Her: Yes
Me: (Checks room number…4th floor! Far away from this nonsense). Well…’night then.

A news crew in my hotel. They’d better not come knocking on doors for reaction shots. Because, if they do, Philadelphia’s Action News team is gonna get a look at my hairy ass.

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