It’s been a goofy month and it ain’t over yet.

Nothing bad…just really busy.

We had a vacation. We went to Emerald Isle for a week. I accepted the fact that airfares to the islands were never coming down so we stayed local for the week. We had a really good time. I dare say it may have turned out to be the best vacation I’d ever taken. The water in the house worked, no termites attacked, no bags got lost, I didn’t work and we just had a good time.

The weather was mostly cooperative, but on the rainy days, we stayed inside and played games and watched movies. We even took a very cold boat ride to the Shackleford Banks and saw the wild horses. While there, we even convinced Shmuppie that it was Ok to poop on the beach. Story? OK.

The island has nothing on it but sand, plants, and horses. You ride over on a “ferry” that’s really no more than a Boston Whaler/Skiff type of boat. They drop you at the “dock” (a large orange stick” and then come back in 3 hours. The day we were there was chilly and windy, so after fighting the wind for a little while, we headed inland to find some calm. We headed back towards the beach after a little while, JewelrySlut and I walking on the beach and Shmuppie up in the dune above us. All was well.

Then, Shmuppie looked down at us and made a face and pointed at her belly. We figured she just wanted another snack. No…she had to poop. On a deserted island. With no services. Fortunately, I seem to have grown into quite the little Boy Scout. Just before we got on the boat, we went to a restroom and I grabbed about 4′ of paper towels. I had a feeling. I told Shmuppie that we needed to get in out of the wind and dig a hole. Finding a less-windy spot, I put the kid to work digging her latrine. She dug a hole, pulled down her pants and let loose. We wiped, covered the hole and I marked the spot with the shovel-shell, inscribed with the work “poop”. Yup…father of the year. I also took pictures.

Beach Pooper

The rest of the week went by without any out of place pooping. We sat on the beach, played mini gold, drove go-karts and just had fun.

Then I had a normal week of work.

Last Monday was the home opener of your Carolina Mudcats. A slightly less than sellout crowd of about 1700 came out to watch the Mudcats win. (The stadium seats over 6000). We sat in our usual front row seats and had a good time. JewelrySlut ate 2 or 3 hotdogs, a fried catfish sandwich and 2 funnel cakes. We even got to see the great Johnny Rayburn…making an appearance this season for the Huntsville Stars. The man must think we’re stalking him. He played here in 2007 and then we saw him on the Biscuits last season. He’s making a career out of playing in the AA Southern League.

Then, on Wednesday night, I was off to RDU to pick up ChurchBomber. She was in town for Thursday’s Buffett show.

I spend a very wise $20 and got us into the Premier Parking lot. Good choice by me. We were right in the front of the lot. We arrived nice and early and got a great spot in the parking lot next to some little trees. The weather was fantastic and the atmosphere was fun. We parked right behind some serious tailgaters. They had a big truck with a mobile kitchen attached to it. They kept us fed all afternoon. Shmuppie found a nearby family with kids her age and ran in circles for about 2 hours.

We found good lawn spots and enjoyed the concert. Shmuppie had a ball singing along to the songs. It was a much calmer crowd than in June of last year. Some 20-somethings in front of us adopted Shmuppie as their mascot and made sure that she had an open view of the stage all night. They were amazed to see her belting out the lyrics and kept applauding our parenting skills. Little did they know that we now call her “Beach Pooper”

Then, last night, my father had tickets to the Hurricanes/Devils Game 6. Off to the RBC Center we went. His bank gave him seats in their box. Sweet. We were at center ice and had a fully stocked suite to share with 15 other people. There was a lot of beer that I helped myself to, hot dogs, pulled pork, egg rolls, chicken tenders, cheese, fruit, cookies, etc. It was a lot of fun, but can spoil a person. I’m not a hockey fan, but seeing a game in person can turn a person. Hockey is not meant to be watched on TV. It’s meant to be watched in a posh luxury suite with a beer in one hand and a sandwich in the other.

Let’s go Canes?

Wrapping up the month, we’re all getting on a plane on Thursday night to go to FLA. I need to go down to set up the laptop we bought for JewelrySlut’s father and Step mother (Is that what we call her?). I have a printer waiting for them and a router already at the house. I really hope it goes smoothly, but the thought of leaving a Windows Vista-powered laptop and a wireless printer in the hands of 2 70-somtthings scares me to death. I’m not really sure how to troubleshoot anything. It shall be a test of my…skills?

I also have to pick up my new car. JewelrySlut’s father isn’t driving any more due to his condition and, rather than just sell the car, we offered to buy it. So, I’m going to sell the Intrepid and trade up to a Ford Taurus with half the miles on it. I don’t need a new car but it’s probably going to cost us about $1000 once we sell the Intrepid and I now have a car that’s in excellent condition and only has 57K miles on it. That beats the 125K on my car. So, I’m driving home on Saturday/Sunday and leaving the girls…all 3…in FLA for 2 more days.

They get home on May 4, the night before Shmuppie’s birthday.

It’s been a fun month.

I also cleaned all the carpets in the house, planted a lot of plants, tore down the greenhouse and suffered through another April of pollen.

I’m tired but feel a sense of accomplishment.

In other news, the little one is kicking/punching/stabbing up a storm. We’ve been able to feel her through JewelrySlut’s belly for a few weeks now. She’s off to the doctor tomorrow where she’ll get yelled at for gaining weight. I’m still not a fan of her doctors. At some point, I think we’re gonna have to think about this baby and all the stuff we need to do between now and Sep 1. I just need to get through this week first.

2 thoughts on “It’s been a goofy month and it ain’t over yet.

  1. Tell JS to keep her legs together until 9/28, and then she your kid can be born on MY BIRTHDAY. Then every year that you celebrate, you’ll be reminded that it’s also your favorite person in the world’s birthday, too.

    I like the expression on your (poor) wife’s face in the last picture. She looks like she’s saying, “Holy fuck, I wish someone would come and get me. SAVE ME TOM CRUISE!!!!!!!”

  2. I swear to dog, I crapped on the beach when I was about Scmuppie’s age and my parents are STILL talking about it!!! Something along the lines of my “Cornwall Monument”. It mortified me for years but nowadays I can laugh.

    So, any luck figuring out who the father is yet? ;)

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