What happens when you try to hide in plain sight?

My never ending desire to be loved and the center of attention is causing a collision of worlds.

Because it’s not enough to have a blog I never post to, I also put a lot of these entries on Facebook. Then, to get even more attention, I put some of them on the USVI board.

This way, I’m assured of having my fragile ego stroked.

But, there are only a small group of people who know me on all 3 sites. Some people know NoGoodDaddy, some know Rob, some know Pipanale. Few know all 3.

But, more and more, the link between Facebook and this place is tightening. This is because I’m a HOAR for attention.

So, after the latest round of hotel follies, I had Facebook email. Someone chose not to comment on the thread, and responded via email.

“You should have a blog”

Really? Let me think about that. This is someone I knew from the high school days and she’s been mentioned briefly on this site. (Not in necessarily the nicest way).

What to do? A sane person would say something like “HA! You’re too kind, but I like playing in this sandbox.”

No…what do I do? I send the link.

2 minutes later, Facebook IM blinks.

“Not Cool”

Oh Hi…we haven’t spoken in nearly 17 years. Here I am… standing with my pants down like that one time I’m sure neither of us has forgotten. Sounds like some scabs may be in the process of being picked.

But, I’d like to think that time heals all wounds; especially when they’re inflicted by a selfish, egotistical 18 year old. It’s been a while and this person lives in PA right near the Hotel Midget-fornia.

Maybe when I come back this way in the fall, we’ll get together and have a drink or 4.

Maybe, you wonder what should be written and what shouldn’t. What should stay in the boxes and bins of your life’s storage closet? What needs to come out and see a little daylight?

Did I learn a lesson in all this? You betcha! The more places you tell a story about a drunken topless tattooed midget stripper/porn star, the more attention you will get.

There’s no such thing as bad press.

4 thoughts on “What happens when you try to hide in plain sight?

  1. Maybe I secretly crave the attention myself, because I recently put a link to my blog on my FB page. I’m too lazy to cross post. And, honestly, if someone wants to go back into the archives and see something I wrote about them years ago about something that happened even more years ago, well more power to them. About this time last year, a friend who had picked a fight with me months before and then reconciled decided to go back and read my blog from the time we were fighting. We’re not friends anymore. Looking back, I realize she did me a huge favor.

    Maybe it’s the journalist in me, but I’ve always counted on pissing people off with my written words. I was once told that’s what I do best. Although lately I write about more warm and fuzzy stuff!

  2. Yeah, my best friend read all my archives and discovered something from years ago, and she knew about the diary. I am currently locked, of course, and contemplating moving to another place and being open, if only I have enough foresight to either hide who I am completely or never write anything controversial …

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