This is what I meant to say

But, as I mentioned, the CPanel thing got me flustered and then I just forgot. Anyway…I had a point to make.

I was dropping Shmuppie off at school and drivig between the masses of stressed fabric. I figured this was as good a time as ever to post some somewhat unflattering pics of the wife. But, in the end, they’re not that bad…well…one is.

Here we are at the hospital. We’d arrived and were waiting to go into triage.

This one was taken while we were walking about trying to coax JewelrySlut’s cervix open. This picture is utterly unnecessary but I find it funny.

And, lastly. This was taken as we were leaving the hospital on Wednesday. Our nurse on Wednesday morning would not believe JewelrySlut when she told her she’d given birth 48 hours earlier.

She intends to be fit and hawt by Christmas. Get a move on it, sweetie. You look a little flabby through the middle.

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