This is what they all talk about

10:00: Hook up the kid. She eats until about 10:45.
10:50: Lights our
1:30: Back to sleep
2:30: WAAAAA
3:30: Back to sleep
5:15: Back to sleep
7:00: Back to sleep
We were due for one of these. Last night, we got one.

To pump or not to pump: I keep offering to take a feeding or 2, but Chicken drains JewelrySlut during the afternoon and we’re trying to avoid formula at this point. However, should tonight go like last night, I wager I will be taken up on my offer to do anything to get the kid to sleep.

Regarding dog shit: It’s gone. And, as I put it yesterday, I can’t be angry with these people; just annoyed.

FHPM (mother): I got your note
Me: Yea…sorry about that, but it was bad
FHM: I had FHK (Kid) clean it up. She’s been babysitting for the last 3 weeks and she shouldn’t be neglecting her chores.
Me: Thanks

OK…This is why I can’t be mad…just annoyed. This woman is a total idiot. She’s not nasty about anything; just a clueless idiot. Her kid, as you may remember, does not go to school because she’s apparently allergic. And Mom may or may not work. The bottom line is that neither has a clue what the other is doing. So, if FHK says she’s cleaned up, Mom does not check. That, I guess, is what really annoys us the most. I’ve had to ask her a few times about this. Each time is the same type of excuse “She told me she cleaned up”. Well…if I’ve had to come to you 3 times now, don’t you maybe think she’s not doing the job? Shouldn’t you maybe check in on her?


JewelrySlut’s BFF bought a new bathing suit. You’ve all see pictures of me. Imagine someone with my figure in a bikini. Yea…it would not be good. I pull off a bathing suit well enough for a 35 year old balding bundle of stress, but I should not be in a bikini. Either she found it on sale or is trying to enjoy her last 2 weeks of what she must think to be her reign as best looking mother at the pool. Wait until May, sweetie. Someone’s coming back to reclaim her title.

One thought on “This is what they all talk about

  1. Regarding pumping…women tend to have the most milk in the morning…so that is usually the best time to pump. And basically it’s supply and demand so even if she doesn’t have much extra in the morning, pumping will stimulate the production of more so eventually she will.

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