Back to normal

Maybe we walked around and around and around in the house last night for 25 minutes while Chicken seethed a bit. But…the result was what we wanted. She ate at 10, 2 and 5. Back on schedule.

Finally, this dopey house paid off for something. The first floor, as we have it configured, allows you to walk in circles. Living room…down a hallway, dining room, through the kitchen, back to living room. Rinse, repeat, bounce your steps along, sing stupid songs. It worked last night and is now in the arsenal of things to do to get he kid to sleep.

Maybe Maybe Maybe Maybe Maybe Maybe Maybe Maybe Maybe Maybe I have a lead on a new job. It’s still at RedCompany, so that’s even gooder. As of my birthday, my current job more or less ceased to exist for me. I’ve been replaced and remain in limbo. But, I have something not quite cooking. It’s more like I have the ingredients out and the knives sharpened. Nothing cooking yet.

Speaking of cooking, Shmuppie and I have been cooking a lot lately. Last night, I made ribs. I’ll be damned if they weren’t the strangest ribs I’ve ever seen, but they were good. I even made up my own little asisn-influenced sauce to go with them. They weren’t baby backs, not spares or countrys. I can validate that they were from a pig though, so how bad could they be?

Shmuppie and I are doing well with the cooking. She’s got her very own little paring knife that she uses to do my prep work. We told her to expect a lot more work around the house once her sister came…we’r enot sure this was what she had in mind.

I need to make a tomato and pepper salad tonight. Tomorrow, we’re stuffing peppers and eggplants and making a little tomato sauce to go with them.

now…pictures of summer stuff from the Farmer’s Market


Chilies and habaneros

Banana Peppers

Who’s hungry?

3 thoughts on “Back to normal

  1. I almost want to plant a bunch of different chiles just so I can photograph them. I love the colors, textures and shapes. But then I’d have to plant shit and take care of it. Not going to happen. See, this is why I don’t have kids. (Also the whole sperm part, but WHATEVER.)

  2. I love the farmer’s market in the summer time for those reasons. I just wander it with the camera. The tomatoes were a lucky shot. Never saw that many yellows again. The full-sized image is very cool. I’m sending them all to someone to clean the images up so I can make prints.

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