I’m back…but not with a vengence

It’s been a rough few weeks. The last trip to NJ/PA didn’t go very well. In fact, it was cut short by about 10 hours when poor JewelrySlut contracted 24-hour Ebola or something. From what I could gather, it involved a lot of shitting.

The trip just didn’t work out as planned. I was supposed to transition my work to my replacements. Seeing as there are no replacements lined up, there was no one for me to hand anything to. So, my workload just kinda fell to the floor, where several people looked at it, shrugged, and walked away.

The transition has just made me so tired. I want so badly to move on, but know that if things start getting screwed up at the old job I’ll be held responsible. And as much as I loathe the people from HealthCareRelatedCompany, they can’t be left without anyone to program their print jobs. It’s going to be a fun day today I think.

So, I got home and flipped the switch into thanksgiving mode. ChurchBomber and MerlotMan flew down last Wednesday for the 5-day celebration of all things turkey and binge drinking.

I’m just stuck in a rut lately. I come up with witty things to write, but then I get off the toilet and forget what they were. Maybe I should bring the laptop to the shitter. I tend to create a lot of things while in there.

Until then, I pray this is indeed my last day on the job. I also pray that my arms and legs don’t fall off when I go to the Y tonight. It could get ugly. Between travel and the holidays, I haven’t had a full week’s worth of exercise since early November. You need to work at it to look as beaten down as I do lately.

But, I hope to get my mojo back and get back to writing stuff that nobody reads. The holidays are upon us and I need to spread some anti-Christian blather and poke fun of the local yokels. We also need to come up with some gifts for the kids. We’re plum out of ideas.

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