And now a note from me…who else?

More basement updates over there.

Also, poor JewelrySlut is going to FLA next week to go see her father and step-mother (I never know how to refer to her…) They haven’t met Chicken yet and it’s time for her to suck it up and leave one asylum for another.

I’ll be flying solo with Shmuppie for the week.

That’s OK. At least she won’t be able to damage her sister next week.

What you ask?

On Sunday, she was giving Chicken a bottle. Suddenly, Chicken started screaming…and not a normal cry. We both dashed into the room to find a screaming baby and a 7-year old.

She drank too fast.

We couldn’t really process that comment at the time because poor Chicken was losing her shit big time. Like absolutely screaming like a lunatic…or a baby in pain.

Well, we got to the bottom f things and it turns out big sis had bitten little sis. Why? We don’t know, but, judging from the demo I requested on my finger, I swear to Christ, we’re lucky she didn’t bite the baby’s finger off.

Things have been fun lately.

I know that the older sibling always tries to kill the younger sibling. I did it. JewelrySlut did it. The issue, as always, was that Shmuppie lied to us about it. And she was quick to develop the lie.

That said, she won’t do it again.

Also, on a related note, we’ve put in an application to transfer Shmuppie to a new school for next year. she’d be going year-round; an idea we like. It will also get her out of the school she’s in and the less than desirable population that seems to be in it. Recently, she was called a “Dumb white person” by a classmate.

It’s time to move to a different school. We think we’ll get in because few people want to go to year-round and even less want to leave a Magnet school. We’re asking to do both.

One thought on “And now a note from me…who else?

  1. I have friends whose daughters are TEN MONTHS APART (the doctor says wait six weeks to have sex for a reason, kids), and when the second one was only about a year old, the older one would just pluck her hairs out, one at a time. Then whenever no one was looking, she would flick her in the face, bite her, kick her, etc.


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