Enough already

More crap about me not writing.

Here’s my excuse.
I started this place in 2005. It was easy then; this was a new forum in which to vomit words AND we had a story to tell. We were moving to NC and I had many tales to tell.
then, once we got here, it remained easy. Stories about living here and drinking too much became the norm.

then…the travel started. what was once a boring blog about a drunk guy turned into a boring blog about a drunk guy who traveled a lot.

That, of course, gave birth to the boring blog about the drunk guy who complained A LOT about traveling all the time.

Then, I met Bridget.

then, life took a turn and I’m not on the road anymore. Is this what a normal life feels like? Because, it’s nice. I like being home and if it means I don’t have wacky stories to tell about airport delays or midgets, then there’s not much to write about.

Because, let’s face it, all 7 of you read this thing to revel in my misery. What’s the fun in:
Woke up at a reasonable hour
Worked some more
Ate something
Ate dinner as a family
Watched TV
Had my advances rebuffed by JewelrySlut
Went to bed

There’ not much more to life than that. I can’t see writing about the mundane-ness of life. It’s so fucking boring that I don’t even want to write about it.

And, spewing a rant out about how I think the people who haunt the USVI message board are becoming increasingly insane, just isn’t amusing.

But…summer’s coming. that means the jackasses will be out in full force; especially at the pool. We’ll have a swimming season to endure and an upcoming vacation to obsess over.

I don’t know.

I’m boring.

I like it

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