People of a certain age

I’m not really old. I just act like I am and certainly feel like I am. I blame the business travel. The past 5 years aged ne like 30. In any event, I’m getting older. We all are.

But, lately, it’s hit home. Within the past 6 days, 2 people I knew died. Both were older than I am, but neither by much. One was a former neighbor in NJ who was also a coworker of JewelrySlut. He was a nice guy and helped us out from time to time whenever one of our cars would be dead and JewelrySlut needed a ride to work.

The other was an “internet friend”. Did I know him personally? No. But, through a website or 2, I got to enjoy his wicked sense of humor.

Now, 2 of my contemporaries have passed. It’s sobering I guess. I managed to avoid death for a lot of my life. I’ve really only had 3 people I cared about in any meaningful way pass away. I’ve only been to 3 funerals. Not a bad stretch of luck for 35 plus years. But, it’s coming. Sure, people in their 40′s don’t usually die, but it certainly happens to people in their 40′s more than it does to people in their 30′s. Is it something you have to mentally prepare yourself for when you reach a certain age? MA I getting close to that age? am I already there?

As usual, I have no point, but, I’ll add this. For the 2nd person, a sort of “living wake” took place over at The Forum. To say the very least, it was touching. Few of us island geeks have met in person, but we’re a tight little community of borderline alcoholics and obsessive compulsives. Mr. B was one of us, and getting to watch the memories pour forth over the weekend and then the “RIP’s” this morning was special. It brought a tear to my eye and, as we all know, I’m a hardened asshole.

I don’t know…no point as usual, but it’s funny how so many of us now count among our friends people we’ve never met and, quite possibly, never will. But, we’re all friends somehow. And, I kinda lost 2 recently.

And, lastly…cancer fucking sucks.

4 thoughts on “People of a certain age

  1. That’s crazy. This just happened to me yesterday – one of my flickr friends died, too. (Also fucking cancer.)

    I’m sorry about your friend. (But I still hate you.)

  2. ALSO. I’ve come close to dying a few times in my own life, so it’s honestly not something I think about. But having suddenly lost people in my family, I am terrified almost daily of something like that happening again.

  3. It sucks.
    Cancer sucks,
    People dying to young sucks.
    And so do you, Ardrian, behind the In-And-Out Burger. You suck cock. Lots of cock.
    I hate you

  4. see you don’t sound like a dope. well ok .. maybe just a little :) this made me tear up!
    I wonder if we know any of the same Jersey peeps. Probably not. But maybe.

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