I haven’t decided how to name these posts

I’m getting settled in. Boxes are getting unpacked, furniture moved. It’s a process. As soon as Pete gave me some pointers (like how to suppress my gag reflex) it became a lot easier and less intimidating. I mean, you can’t take it all on at once. Bit by bit gets the job done I always say.

I don’t know if I like this little box I’m supposed to type the entry into. I guess I’m used to fending for myself all this time that having life easy is becoming hard. Hard. HA!

That’s really all I have for now. I have some track lighting to install.

7 thoughts on “I haven’t decided how to name these posts

  1. OOOOO! Lookit you with all your fancy-schmancy pages and shit. My god, you almost look like a real blogger now! Now see, if you were on Blogger you could use the Import tab to move ALL OF YOUR BLOG ENTRIES with the click of your mouse.

    Told you Dland sucked.

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