It’s mah birfday

What a difference a year makes. I’ve got to say that the 35 to 36 year was good. It started out like shit, but only got better.

On August 10, 2009, I was on a conference call at 7:30. On said call, I was ridiculed, embarrassed and told my services would not be needed at my job. Of course, I still had to do my job; I just had to feed it to someone else who’d be the front man. I was deemed expendable and unnecessary.

That was the bottom. As I saw it, things could only get better.

It improved 7 days later when MooMoo came to see us.

It improved even more the following day when I had email from the Ops Manager at another job. They wanted to talk and start the process of hiring me.

It got better when I got that job and was able to start it.

It’s only gotten better since. I should say the highlight was the arrival of Moo, but it really has been my improved happiness. She certainly played a large part, but being happy at work, not having to travel and feeling better, in general, played a larger part. It took a while, but I finally feel good about just about everything. I still have plenty to bitch about; but not as much as I did a year ago.

What did I have a year ago?
More hair
A larger waistline
A pregnant wife
A job I loathed
7 St John shirts
19 Hawaiian shirts

What do I have now?
Less hair
A smaller waistline
A job I love
9 St John shirts
20 Hawaiian shirts

Some you lose, some you win. All in all, the year goes in the win column.

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