Some pictures and stuff

Here she is at her swimming Championship meet. The season went well…the team still sucks. We turned down a spot on one of the year-round teams. She tried out and placed on the 2nd level…the team with the minimum age of 9 (She’s still 8). But, it was going to be 4 nights per week and that’s just too much right now. She wants to play soccer and basketball this fall/winter and try lacrosse. Swimming isn’t going anywhere for her. It will be there in the fall. Plus…it’s nice to be able to sit down to dinner as a family. We haven’t done that in a year.

She turns 1 in a week. What happened?

I got good loot for mah birfday

She got some cake

Maybe I should write more often…

One thought on “Some pictures and stuff

  1. 1. Those David Sedaris books are excellent.
    2. Your child is adorable.
    3. Did JewelrySlut not make a cake? I look forward to the cake photos.

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