More useless words

So, I’m having a discussion of sorts with an internet pal about something that probably will never happen; the construction of a mega-resort on St John. I know…shocking. I’m discussing St John again. Sorry…it’s what I do.

He commented that he and his wife are probably done with the island. It doesn’t give them what they’re looking for anymore. And, we’re starting to feel the same way.

We’re getting priced out of paradise. And, to be honest, I think I’m OK with that. What’s the purpose of taking a trip if you either need to scrimp and save so much beforehand that you end up spending the week pinching pennies or worrying that you’re having enough fun for your dollar? And, that’s what our jaunts to the islands have become. “To get what we need” is starting to cost more for one week than I can possibly spend in 2 years on other trips. I’ll trade that one week for 4 weeks somewhere else.

Of course, I say all this while, out on the horizon of 2013, the mouse looms. Damn the mouse. But, we’ve been very successful in only having to visit WDW for one day with Shmuppie in her nearly 10 years. She went with my parents last December, but the full trip is due. Moo will be old enough to enjoy it by then. That’s going to be painful.

For now, we’re keeping it simple. Staying closer to home and enjoying the NC coast suits us. There’s no need to complicate vacation. It’s supposed to be enjoyed, not fretted over. And, trust me, that’s a HUGE step towards sanity for me.

Speaking of insanity…we’ve tacked a day onto our upcoming quickie March trip. JewelrySlut joined the Ikea Family Club and now she’s seriously jonesing for some Ikea. Since the Great Wolf Lodge and Ikea are more or less close to each other, we’ve decided to do a day of furniture shopping, stay in Charlotte for a night and then go to the lodge. The parents get to play at Ikea and the kids get to play in the pool the following day. Everybody wins.

We really need some bedroom furniture. We sold our set when we moved here and have been using odds and ends for going on 7 years now. We haven’t bought a new set because it’s damn expensive and we hate everything we’ve looked at. We needed to justify a trip to Ikea to go shop there. I think I found enough furniture to fill the bedroom for under $1000. That would be nice. Having drawers that open and close properly would also be nice. So, maybe we’ll go buy some furniture. It beats the alternative; having to go to a local unfinished furniture store and have me buy like 47 gallons of varnish and an acre of sandpaper. I don’t mind finishing g the occasional piece, but not a bedroom set.

Until then, I’m eyeballing the house we want to rent in April. It went down in price recently and that makes me happy. We’ll be getting a house for a week for less than the price of 1 1/2 plane tickets to the islands.

And you wonder why St John is currently off of our radar screen.

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