Still no naming convention. Got ideas?

It’s quiet today. There’s snow in NJ, so it looks like a lot of HealthCareRelatedCompany has taken the day off or is working from home. In any event, it’s slow this morning.

Not a bad weekend. We got a lot done around here. On Saturday, my mother called because she wanted to come over, drop off some stuff and get the kid. We had a wooden shelving unit coming our way that we’d hoped to convert into a pantry of sorts. We also had 2 area rugs coming over. Having moved the pantry to the basement stairs landing, we went about rearranging the kitchen.

You see, when we moved in, I unpacked the kitchen. According to how she tells it, I yelled at JewelrySlut while she was apparently lollygagging around in the kitchen right after we moved in. I swept through the kitchen and unpacked everything. Very quickly. As a result, nothing was in a good place. Dinner dishes next to serving platters. Drinking glasses next to serving bowls. Basically, a mess. We took time on Saturday to move everything around and, as always, to throw away unneeded shit. We have a lot of that around the house.

As it turns out, the ‘rents kept Shmuppie for the night. So, we enjoyed a peaceful dinner. We never had to say the words “Stop Talking and eat” or “Drink your milk” once. It was nice. After dinner, we rented Little miss Sunshine. Damn, that was funny. The dance scene had me rolling on the floor. That’s how Shmuppie would dance were we ever to enter her in such an event.

They all came back on Sunday with another storage cabinet; this one for Shmuppie’s playroom. My father also brought our tax returns. We’re getting money back. That’s good. We’re almost getting back enough to put in air conditioning herein the basement. I requested that we earmark any refunds to go towards the “NoGoodDaddy doesn’t need to sweat while he works” fund. It has been duly marked. If anyone else wants to contribute to the fund, please let me know. I’ll provide an address to send money to.

I also helped a new neighbor move in on Sunday…in the pouring rain. That was fun. He bought the unit where the crazies lived. Oh yea, they’re all crazies. Remember the crazies who had the wedding at the pool clubhouse and then systematically demolished their house? I do. He bought their place, stripped it to the studs and totally renovated the place. We all think he’s crazy. He put 70% of the purchase price of the house back into it. He’ll never get the money back on resale. I hope he plans to live here for a while. But, he seems cool enough and is unlikely to start having gunfights in the parking lot. Plus, it’s always to get on the good side of the neighbors…me being Presidential and such.

I spent the rest of Sunday locked in battle on EBay. The crappy used MP3 player I bought in the fall for $65 turned out to be jus that. On Friday, while I was at the gym, it went crazy on me and started playing all my songs super fast-like. Not a good feature. I reset the thing, reformatted it, downloaded new firmware…nadda. The fucking fucker’s fucked. So, finally, last night after dinner, I finally got a new MP3 player. I don’t think I overpaid for it, but I spent more than I wanted to. But, I’m in NJ next week and really wanted to have my new one in my hands in time to take it with me. So, I now have a new-ish one being shipped to me. Good times.

Ooh…an email on the work computer. Maybe I have something to do now. In all likelihood it’s a Google news alert. I get a lot of those.

Nope…just an email from Baldus NonErectus (God do I wish my archives were up and running (not a slight against YOU at all) so I could link to that post).

What a fun day. Too much excitement for me.

2 thoughts on “Still no naming convention. Got ideas?

  1. Just when I thought we were in the same work boat your’s seems to be leveling off like it was a decent job whilst mine sprials down like so much shit in a third world toilet

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