Don’t really feel like company it’s just him and his fridge

I got this idea from Smed, so it’s blatant theft.

What’s in my fridge?

In the door:
Left Side


Butter dish. Probably has about half a stick of butter in it. It may or may not have gone rancid

2nd shelf:

Bottle of lime juice – use for rum and Player to be named later drinks

Spicy brown mustard – always good to have around

Zatarain’s Remoulade – I forgot we had this. I’ll need to break it out again soon

Blue cheese dressing – Why do we have this?

Cocktail sauce – this may be leftover from Thanksgiving

Olives – For martinis

Parmasan Cheese

Walkerswood Jerk Sauce – This is HOT stuff. It’s very good, but very hot. Use sparingly

Jimmy Buffett Gumbo Hot Sauce – I opened this Sunday and am not sure about it. It’s first ingredient is carrots. Any hot sauce not listing Scotch Bonnet peppers as it’s #1 ingredient is for wimps. But, we needed another bottle open.

Wishbone Vinagrette – I think we like Wishbone dressing the best. Maybe we don’t

3rd shelf

Pepto Bismol – Generic brand though.

HP Sauce – For those of you from across the pond, you may be surprised to see this in NC

Chipotle mustard – I bought this recently for coleslaw and now it makes lovely sammiches

Aoli sauce – Good on anything

Soy sauce – May be old

Lemon juice – I don’t know what I use lemon juice for

Kraft Italian dressing – We may like Kraft more than Wishbone now that I think of it

Ranch dressing – Used to make wrap sandwiches. You need it to cut the gobs of hot sauce we use

Matouk’s Calypso hot sauce – Not as good as the Salsa Caliente, but good any way. We found this stuff in Raleigh, but have only seen the good stuff at St John Spice

Right Side:


1/3 full jar of capers. Capers are good on everything. Especially Fish

Tub of “I Can’t Believe it’s Not Butter”

Tub of cream cheese


½ gallon of 2% milk

½ gallon of OJ


Shmuppie’s water bottle – the kid doesn’t drink enough so we keep a bottle filled for her at all times in the hopes she’ll drink


Grape Jelly – Smucker’s

Peanut butter – Jif

Horseradish sauce

Mayo – Hellman’s

Ketchup – Heinz

Syrup – Aunt Jemimah

Main part:


Baking soda – Keep the fridge smelling nice

Cranberry salsa – from the Farmer’s market…yummy

Bowl of grapes – I’ll finish them tonight and get sick from eating too many

Bowl of Jell-o – I’ll eat it all at once and get sick

Bowl of leftover Mac’n cheese

2 bottles of water – for anyone who comes over and doesn’t want to drink from a recycled bottle

Tub of hummus – Red pepper flavor. The kid loves this stuff

Tub of garlic bread spread – Just garlic butter. Makes it easy to make decent garlic bread

Jar of minced garlic – I shouldn’t use this stuff, but sometimes I’m too lazy to mince fresh stuff

Bowl of leftover Lo Mein


Bowl of grape tomatoes – Again, the kid loves these and eats them by the fistfull

Baggie with a half-eaten apple – Hmmm…I wonder who did this?

Baggie with a half-eaten pear – See above

Baggie with cut up green pepper slices

Bowl containing some leftover butternut squash

Package of burrito-size wraps

Bowl of tomato salad

4 yogurts


Cold cut drawer:

Package of ham

Package of turkey

Hot dogs

Package of Pepperjack cheese

Package of Meunster cheese

Package of queso fresco (does not melt very well)

Bag of shredded cheese

Package of salami

Large bottom section:

Loaf of wheat bread

Bowl containing leftover chili (mmmm)

Bottle of white grape juice

Bottle of Dinosaur BBQ sauce

Bottle of Spiedie sauce – From Wegman’s. this is a sauce they use in Western New York to put on stuff.

Bottle of margarita mix – unopened and bought last May

Pitcher of iced tea – Because the little spout thing leaked all over the fridge yesterday

Bottle of grape PowerAde – bought when Shmuppie had the runs we tried to get her to drink it. It tasked like purple

1.5L bottle of Gionelli Pinot Grigio (almost empty. JewelrySlut will be twitchy tonight)

Bottle of cranberry juice – to be mixed with vodka

20 oz bottle of Diet Coke – for my mother

Crisper Drawers:


Head of cauliflower – I need to make this tonight for me and the kid. JewelrySlut does not like Cauliflower

Bag of wee carrots

2 green peppers

Bag of roma tomatoes


Sack of grapes

Bag of Granny Smith Apples

Bag of pears

It’s only Tuesday, so the fridge is full-ish. Later in the week, we gaze into it and wonder where all the food went. I need to eat something. I’m hungry.

I’m not sure I like how this wordpres thing spaces my text. I’ll have to investigate that and see how I can tighten it up a bit.

9 thoughts on “Don’t really feel like company it’s just him and his fridge

  1. Not well…I had some on my wrap for lunch. The #3 ingredient is habaneros, so there’s technically some heat. But, not enough. I could rinse my eyes with that stuff and not feel it.

  2. Dudette…you don’t? Oh yea…your fridge is filled with exploding soda cans and possum.
    One spreads the peanut butter with a knife. How would you do it?

  3. What I mean was, Ass Monkey, is how do you spread rock hard peanut butter without shredding your bread? What kind of moron keep their peanut butter in the fridge anyway? It’s not going to spoil. It’s not like that Laura Scudders crap my mother used to feed us when we were kids. And don’t be stupid; we keep the possum in the FREEZER. Duh!

  4. Are you supposed to keep maple syrup in the fridge? Because I don’t. And I don’t keep my peanut butter in the fridge either. You are in the minority here, dude.

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