The titles were easier when I made sure to find a song lyric

Regarding the last 2 posts…
Images seem to be giving me and the site trouble. Pete thinks it’s the theme I’m using. It’s got some bug in it. I’m doing all the code correctly, even though he did accuse me of not doing so. It seems to work on IE but not with Firefox. Since IE is for weenies, we’re (and by We I mean “Pete”) looking for a theme that goes both ways. Dirty little theme. You like it both ways, don’t you? Yea…you like it.

Whoa. That got a little ugly there.


Thanks. I’m pissed off, how are you?

Remember a little while ago I mentioned that JewelrySlut and I were going to enjoy a weekend in Boston? Bzzzzz. Try again dumbass.

We’re being sent, not to a nice downtown hotel, but to a training compound somewhere on the outskirts of Boston. So, instead of a weekend of sightseeing, drinking and hotel sex, I get a weekend of flights, time in a compound and time with my coworkers. It’s not good times.

I’m really not happy. I was looking forward to having some fun.

I think I may add a new feature to the site. I want to highlight awful writing in the newspaper. I posted a link and article about a goober who had a snowblower at his house. Today, I post this:

This is some crappy writing

Some excerpts:

“Michael, a 12-year-old from Greensboro, spent three nights lost in the rocky and steep mountains in Doughton Park before being found Tuesday morning. Rescuers, including a search dog named Gandalf, found Michael shortly before 11 a.m. walking along a creek in the state park about a half-mile from where he disappeared.” – Thanks for mentioning the dog’s name.

“Michael was dehydrated and hungry for store-bought Grandma’s cookies and chicken fingers, but he was in good spirits as he recovered Tuesday evening at Wilkes Regional Medical Center in North Wilkesboro.” – Excellent brand placement for the cookies if you ask me.

“Michael won’t get in trouble for wandering from the group, but “we’ll have to cover hitchhiking with Michael later,” Auberry said.” – I think we need to do a Scared Straight-type program where he watches NC Hillbillies like WCG’s neighbors rape transients.

“He slept in tree branches” – Thanks for that

“Gandalf, the dog that found Michael, is a 2-year-old Shiloh shepherd named after the wizard in the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy.
Gandalf’s trainer, Misha Marshall of Chesnee, S.C., and her team arrived early Tuesday at the mountain and had been looking for Michael for about two hours when Gandalf found him in an area of 30- to 40-degree rocky slopes, she said.
Gandalf was working off the leash, running ahead of Marshall and another searcher, Erin Horn of Spartanburg. Gandalf caught a scent of Michael, probably from a piece of clothing, Marshall said.
“He popped his head up in a direction — that’s what they do,” she said. “He popped his head up three times when he caught the scent.” – Oh the horror. What a dose of atrocity to greet me on the cover of the state section this morning.

Again, I know I can’t write worth a lick, but, then again, I don’t get paid to do so. The doofus who wrote that drivel was paid to do so. Not good.

Moving on…

Remember when I was having a nervous breakdown a few weeks ago? It seems to be over. And, I’m not happy to say that I think the trip to NJ helped. It somehow rebooted my brain. I was sick all week and had late flights, but it somehow cleared my brain. Knowing my luck, next week will leave me all screwed up again.

I really have nothing else to add. I have conference calls from 12:00-2:00 and then 2:30 – 3:00. I can’t wait. That leaves me no time to go to the gym today. That makes me sad.

5 thoughts on “The titles were easier when I made sure to find a song lyric

  1. I don’t know where you’re getting your news but I didn’t hear anything about the dog, only that the kid wanted to hitchhike home because he didn’t want to camp anymore.

    At least I don’t have neighbors who tell me to fuck off when I say “good morning”.

  2. Well then, that’s what I get for not getting any newspapers, I don’t get to hear about Gandalf the wonder dog.

    they just ignore me or ramble on about cat shit.

    Jesus, that sounds like Hubby.

  3. I’m frequently just as horrified by our online news articles. What I’ve noticed is, they never tell you the author, so you can’t write scathing letters at their incompetent selves.

  4. Where ya staying in Boston (or the “Greater” metro area)?

    shoot me an email, ya big fheg.

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