Let’s get retarted

OK…here we go. I’ve certainly read enough of these things to warrant plunking down the $24 per year to have one. I hope I can amuse someone other than myself.

2 thoughts on “Let’s get retarted

  1. Welcome to the mess that is Diaryland. I'm a pretty big Parrothead, but have gotten away from him for quite a while. My license plate was previously JBUFETT. I had restraining orders and everything. Allright, it wasn't that serious, but I own everything he had put out up until his new album. For some reason, it bugged me that he just followed the money with the country album, even though I love some country music.

  2. To start: Thanks for commenting. You're the first EVER.

    I like your DiaperChamp skills.

    I like the new album. It's kinda fun if you go beyond the following the money thing. Plus, our little one now can sing "Hey Good Lookin'" Sounds cute coming from a 2-year old.

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