Let those winds of time roll over my head

8:30: Something about towers and silos. I have no idea what’s going on. I’m nearly asleep and not in the mood to be doing this all day. By 3:00 I should be in great shape. I have to sit here and look awake until 10:30 and then the room is mine. In the meanwhile, I need to look attentive.

9:15: LOOK! A slide with a big lime green box on it. Just seeing that much color on such a large screen was enough to momentarily jolt me awake. Don’t you just love when you’re in a big conference room-type meeting and one ass monkey just keeps pounding away with very specific questions that don’t fucking matter? Not that anyone here is doing that…

9:25: One more hour until my turn. I’m in Tower 2 or Bucket 2, depending on who you ask. I think I’d rather be in a tower. Speaking of Towers, I just started Stephen King’s Wolves of the Calla, another book in the Dark Tower Series. It’s good so far, but it strikes me that he’s trying to force the reader to have read the other books a few times so all the tiny little references could be noticed. It’s vaguely annoying. But, having invested parts of the past 13 years in these books, I need to press on. Thank God that truck didn’t kill him a few years back. I, and many other readers like me, would have been hella pissed.

11:00: Show time for the NoGoodDaddy. This project had been eye opening for me. Anyone out there in readerland who’s, I’d guess, over age 30 may be able to understand this. Back in July, I took over a meeting here in a room full of “grownups”. They listened to me. They listened to me because I knew what I was talking about. Anyone else ever find themselves in this place? You know who you are (in my case, a farting, balding, pooping, drunk who likes Hawaiian shirts and Jimmy Buffett), and you can’t believe that real grownups will listen to you. Then, it hits you…and it hits you really hard. YOU are an adult. YOU are a grownup. People who are older than you listen to you because they have put you in charge of something important. It’s scary.

1:10: I’m done and I think I kicked serious ass. Between the internal people who liked the work I did to get to today’s meetings and the vendor team who, I believe, is clamoring to hire me, I’m doing well. I was sitting with my boss here and she looked at me after I finished and said “You’re going to end up working for them, aren’t you?” Yup. I guess I’m a grownup and people expect more from me that run on sentences and fart jokes.

On a side note…and I keep forgetting to mention this…we get the Sunday New York Times. I’m not fully sure why. I guess I wanted to hold on to my NY-metro roots even after we moved. So, we get it and spend the morning poring over it. All I have to say is that it must be rough to be a Times reader. It’s got to be tough to be always on the edge of everything that the Times has decided is awesome. And, Jesus hopping Christ is that paper and its reader list on the left side of the ledger. Holy shit. The readers are out of control. In the magazine, they have an Ethics column. People write in their latest ethical dilemma.

Last week had a woman who didn’t know the ethical way to figure out the following “I like one type of music and my kid likes another. How do we decide who controls the radio in the car? Kid says that she should have more than 50% of the share because I often use the car by myself.”

What? 1: Who gives a fuck? B: What?

That’s what I mean

Speaking of New York…my flight last night was supposed to have been a 7:55PM flight. In the end, as usual, I was delayed. We left RDU at almost 10:00. We landed at a little after 11:00. Anyhoo, they brought us up from the South but we landed from the North. I hate that approach because it adds almost 20 minutes to your flight. However, if you approach that way, and you’re on the left side of the plane, you come in nice and low over the NJ Turnpike with the NYC skyline right outside your window.

I don’t know if it was that I was tired or if I haven’t paid attention on approach lately, or if I haven’t landed at night in a while, but, shit…I love that city. If we ever talk and I refer to “the city”, it’s New York. I could be living in Spain and would say “the city” and mean New York. It, in my opinion, is the ONLY city. We came in and I had a view of the GWB…down through Harlem to Midtown. All the lights were on. We got south and saw downtown. This is an awfully silly thing to say, but I can not tell you how much I wish the Twin Towers were still there. My heart aches each time I see the skyline. I almost cried last night. In my life, I worked in NYC for all of 6 weeks. I never lived there or went to school there. It was just “my city”. And, a part of it was ripped out. I can’t even say what about it is that I miss. Is it the shame and tragedy of the loss of life? Is it the alteration to my skyline? Is it the end of innocence? I don’t know and can’t say. All I know is that I wish like I wish for nothing else that the attacks had never happened. It got me thinking…I have not been in NYC for fun since May 4, 2002…the day before Shmuppie was born. I think I’ve been in Manhattan once since then for work. Still, I know that I can go back and the city will welcome me back. My favorite restaurants are still there. The shops I love are there. When we decided to move to NC, leaving NYC was probably the biggest issue. We never went, but always knew it was there. We knew that when we went to NC, we’d lose that. Raleigh is not a city. It’s a bunch of streets. NYC is a city. I don’t know when the next time I’ll be in NYC. But, then, I’ll be a tourist. It may sound stupid, but if you’re from NY or NJ, I think you’re nodding along with me.

Of course, then I got off the plane and got on the monorail in the wrong fucking direction. I’m a danger to myself.

By the way, Shmuppie’s not potty trained yet. We did Pimp’s chart and nothing has happened yet…outside of a trail of piss on the carpets. Shmuppie knows that if she does well, she gets a sticker and that more stickers mean good stuff. She also knows that when she shits herself, she loses a sticker. We can’t get past the 3rd sticker. JewelrySlut is ready to kill herself. To say this is frustrating is an understatement.

Did I mention that we got our plane tickets for the trip to St John booked? We got them. It took me ½ hour on the phone, but I finally got them. We’re arriving a little later than I wanted (3:30 vs 1:30) but, I’ll be on island time so who cares? At this time, I’ve moved on to the phase of the planning where I try to find ways to spend money. We may take a sail around the island or to the BVI. Or…we may hop a seaplane to St Croix for the day. Before I die, I will take a seaplane out of Charlotte Amaile’s harbor. I can’t imagine how amazing that will be. I blame Jimmy.

And lastly…we joined our local YMCA this past weekend. It looks cool. It will do a few things. It will force us to exercise and it will help Shmuppie and us meet people. I’m flabby as hell and would like to get in better shape. I’ll be waking up earlier and heading to the pool. I hate “static exercising”. Getting back in the pool will be more fun and challenging. I’ll never be as study as I was when I was 17 but I’m going to make a run at it. I used to make JewelrySlut really wet. I’d like to see if I can do it again simply based on how I look, not based on my mad tongue skills.

10 thoughts on “Let those winds of time roll over my head

  1. Country? BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!! I could have never left San Diego and I'd most likely feel the same way about NYC. At least SD doesn't smell and when you get cussed out it's most likely going to be in Spanish of Vietnamese so it doesn't count.

    One of my fantasies is to win the lottery and take my favorite auntie to NYC for some serious Christmas shopping and maybe a few Broadway shows.

  2. I live in California, and NYC gets no love here. I always hear the same thing: it smells, rats are as big as cats, and people are rude.

    I've never been, so I can't comment. I'd love to go for the museums, though.

  3. Sorry the chart is blowing chunks for Shmupster… All kids are different. We got to a point with lil' Pimp where we got so pissed off because we knew he could do it. We just said, "fuck it", and put him back in diapers and tried again about a month later. That's when it worked. Maybe that could for Shmoopie… There also could be a hint of rebellion for the change of scenery going on.

    NoGood. You are absolutely right. There is no other CITY. Sorry to anyone else who thinks that their city is THE city, but THE CITY is New York and will always be.

    I know how you feel about that approach to Newark and I miss those towers, too. I used to see them every day from my dorm room in Newark when I went to NJIT.

    WCG has absolutely become a country girl and there is no opening the country girl's heart to the city. It's a fact. Look it up.

  4. WCG: First off, you were there a while ago. I know how old you are and when you were in HS. It's a different city now. But, it is loud, big and crowdwd. But, when you get to know it, it's a wondrous place. Once you get to know NYC, you find tiny little neighborhoods that feel like your own. You find small cafes and restaurants. As JewelrySlut about the veal that she had at that hole in the wall place we foind by the fish market. She'll go on for days. You need to give NY time, but it's time you'll never regret spending.

  5. I spent a week in NYC my senior year of high school. It was loud, noisy, smelly and the people were rude. You guys can have it!

    I've got that potty training tape, dude; just send me you addy and I'll pop it in the mail.

  6. BlogNet™ is my personal nickname for the blogosphere or the diary network or whatever the eff you want to call it. Point BEING, I posted T&A photos on my site days ago and half my normal usual guy readers didn't comment (except by email). Perverts.

  7. I have never wanted to visit NY. It just looks …well like it is too much. I am a fairly simple guy and too much pisses me right the fuck off. I don't unbderstand the fun in a crowded nightclub, it is too much. Walking down the street with a bazzilion other people getting jostled, or jostling because they don't understand the meaning of personal space, I know I'm a big Mofo, that doesn't mean I can shrink at will when you fail to look where you are going or have napolean complex.

    So…yeah sorry about the rant there. And about Schumpie it could be a weak signaling device when she has to go. I suffer from one of those to this day. When I have to shit I don't feel it until it is almost too late. Thank god for amazing butt cheek strengh.

    Too much info?

    I also knew some frat guys who through a depends party once, 5 guys a keg and no bathroom breaks…it was the grosses thing I have ever witnessed. One guy shit himself on purpose. He is now a child councilor.

  8. Dude, I know what you mean about "the city." Being from Syracuse, I always thought of NYC that way, too (after learning that I could never just tell anybody that I was from "New York" without specifying "Upstate". I lived in Manhattan (the city within the city!) with my aunt for about a month when I was 16, and I fell in love with it. If it wasn't for the fact that I'd have to sell a kidney and leave my husband to move there, I would be living in the East Village again in a heartbeat.

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