It’s time to close the shutters. It’s time to go inside

We decided to stay home for tonight. With Ophelia bearing down on Myrtle Beach, we decided to wait it out here and see how things progress. By tomorrow night, it should have passed and we can get on with our little trip.

So, I have another porno sweepstakes cumming up (get it? Get it? Wink wink)

We got yet another Adam and Eve catalog today. We actually need one because we need to do some stocking up in the colorful condom department. As usual, free offers abound.

As usual, with me, nothing is free…tell me what I get and I’ll decide who wins.

Remember, last time, Nightmare won a VHS of porn and a Buffett CD in exchange for a Buffett CD and a Hawaiian shirt. Maeny got a porno flip book and 2 CDs in exchange for old Iraqi currency with Saddam’s picture on it.

Here’s one for a lucky winner:

A DVD including:
10 “Position Impossible” Videos
10 “All Girl Grope Time” Videos
10 “Out-N-About” Videos
10 “Colorful couples” Videos
10 “Natural & Naughty” Videos

Look at that, folks, 50 scenes of varied sexual activities. It’s apparently a 3 ½ hour sexual melting pot.

Who’s offering what?

There’s also a 2nd gift, but JewelrySlut really wants to keep it. I did mention that it could end up fetching a pretty penny among my sicko internet friends.

I quote: “XXX playing cards with sexy girls in all wet lesbian pussy action. A $9.95 value – FREE WHEN YOU ORDER IN THE NEXT 5 DAYS!

Folks, we’re not just talking about wet action. And, no, it’s not lesbian action. And, no again, it’s not pussy action. Folks, right here, I have wet lesbian pussy action. (Please read this in your best Don West voice (Holy shit, that is one funny as hell website. I’ll wait while you all go look at it, and I mean you, Pimp)).

Anyhoo…it’s going to take a lot to pry those cards out of my hands. What do you have to offer for them?

So, that Don West site is cracking me the fuck up. I have to go laugh at it some more.

Bye for now.

11 thoughts on “It’s time to close the shutters. It’s time to go inside

  1. Tell ya what … you send me a plane ticket to NC, I'll show up and make-out with your wife. We might even let you watch.

  2. Well now, JS is hot and all but I'm not making out with her. What I have to offer is this: a VHS of "It's Potty Time", a potty training video made by potty training professionals. Even if it isn't what gets Shmuppie potty trained you and JS will piss yourselves silly over it.

    Now, aren't you glad you got your comments fixed? *ducks*

  3. Holy SHIIIIITTTTEEEE!!!! Don West may be one of the greatest human beings to walk the earth, except when Anthony does his impersonation of him. You should have heard the SURFIHHHFFFFOR Celine Dione bit he did today. I was in tears. And now Ron and Fez are on XM. It pretty much rules.

  4. You're right. I should have considered the "can't spell in general" factor. My bad. By the way, have you tried using The Force for your potty-training dilemma? I mean, if it's good enough for Luke Skywalker, it's gotta be good enough for a pants-shitting kid.

  5. Pimp: I think Anthony does a better Don West than Don West does.
    Meany: That was laugh out loud funny! Using The Force..of course!!

  6. You should see the shirt I'm willing to part with for more free porn! Should I send a picture? Or is this one of those times where previous winners can't win again for 30 days, Like radio station giveaways?

    So should I send a pic or what?

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