Try to make the best of whatever comes your way.

So, I’m back. Like I should think that anyone missed me.

Work is funny. I spent 2 years at HealthcareRelatedCompany with NOTHING to do. It’s not like there were no results: I was able to overplan and execute the single greatest vacation I’ve ever taken, our 2004 trip to St John to celebrate the moment of my birth. I also discovered this place. But, when I say this place, I don’t really mean THIS place because THIS place is being written at just this moment. As usual, I digress; you all know what I mean.

But, now they have me currently doing 3 jobs. I work for one person on one of them, for another (Redheadedcornturd) on another and for absolutely no one on the 3rd. I consider the 3rd, running my printing empire, to be my #1 priority at all times. No one else even knows how I do it, or for that matter, that I do it. It’s fun.

That leaves me with 2 other projects. The newest one is part of a corporate wide document strategy. One part of it (mine) is to transition the printing operation out of our building and to the vendor who the company selects. That’s nice. I get to work on the one thing that will terminate my employment. However, they just decided to extend me on through Dec. 31. That’s very good. I get the feeling that in 2006, I’ll still be working for HealthcareRelatedCompany in one capacity or another. I plan to use this project to really beef up the old resume or to show my amazing value to some other departments and leach myself on to them. JewelrySlut is in no mood to go back to work any time soon and the longer I milk this, the longer she stays home.

Which brings me to:

I’ll be baaaaaack in NJ next week and possibly the following week.

Oh Joy. While taking a trip on a big airplane like a big boy does hold some excitement, why can’t I be going to our offices in St Thomas or something? Oh yea…we don’t have them. We have offices in NJ. I’ve only been here 3+ weeks, but I already know that I’m not prepared to go back to NJ without losing my mind entirely. I’m going to miss this silly place…the quiet, the uncrowdedness, the lack of commuting…you name it, and I’ll miss it. We’ve grown quite attached to Raleigh.

It’s funny though. Several times each day, I’ll look around and remark “Well, I know I slept in my bed last night. And this is all our shit, but when do we take it all home again? I mean, we can’t actually have done this, right?”

It’s very surreal. We live here.


Best. Decision. Ever.

To make you all somewhat jealous, here’s my day.

7:00AM: Alarm goes off. I snooze it twice

7:18: Get up (JewelrySlut is still asleep next to me). That makes me smile every day. In our past lives, she’d be arriving at work at this time. Me and Shmuppie would already be sitting in traffic. I brush, shave and piss.

7:25: To the basement to start working.

8:00: (and today I’m late) Go upstairs for coffee and the paper. We have a lovely but silly little paper down here. I love it how when you get to a 3rd tier city like this, the paper is entirely made up of articles culled from the AP and the major papers in your geographic area. Nothing is written in house. They must have someone there though because every article is carefully chosen. They all somehow relate back to Raleigh and Wake County. Bombings in London? The headline was something like “Triangle Residents involved in London Attacks). You can be assured to find, in any article, a sentence like this: (In an article about migrant workers in Southern California) Jane Doe, who once passed through Wake Forest and once used a portable toilet in Knightdale, is working to ensure the rights of grape pickers”. Or something. I love looking for how much of a stretch is needed to tie the article back to this area.

8:30 or so: back downstairs and back to work. This continues until I get tired of working. Then, I hop to this computer and play 18 at Pebble Beach or something. Later, if I’m hungry, I emerge and get something to eat or go run an errand or 2.

All during this, JewelrySlut and Shmuppie are upstairs doing their thing. Shmuppie loves to come downstairs and holler “Be quiet Mommy. Daddy’s on the phone”. People at work enjoy that.

5:00: If the weather’s good, I quit for a while and take my ladies to the pool. If it’s not, I still go upstairs and have a beer or 2.

That’s it. They’re getting more hours from me but I don’t really care. I’m still winning. I’ve filled my gas tank once since we’re here. Gas is expensive, you know. I like knowing that I can spend that money on beer and fireworks instead. I usually return to my lair before dinner to tie up some loose ends and then I’m done. No driving, no traffic.

It’s nice.

When I’m up North next week, I have to travel with a cooler. Already, we’re missing certain foodstuffs. We tried to buy Italian sausage recently.

Fuck it…it’s 24 hours later than when the last sentence was typed. Work is way too busy. However, I do get to wake up at 4:00AM on Monday so I can be in Newark by 7:30. That’s one hell of a way to start your week. Whenever we’ve left for a vacation and been at the airport at 7 or something, I always see the people just landing and say “Suckers”.

Yup…that’s going to be me.

So, if you’re in Parsippany next week, swing by the Embassy Suites for a drink. I’ll be buying booze for my room. We’ll party like over worked grunts!

Maybe I’ll have time at night next week to discuss the fuckingly odd weather that we seem to have here in North Raleigh.

9 thoughts on “Try to make the best of whatever comes your way.

  1. I had a nice dream job once too. I would have to be at work at 8 AM, I walked to work, as it was that close, looking at Charlotte Amalie Harbor as I passed. I was the General Mgr of the business, so I had to hire the nicest looking local girls to work for me. Around 5 or so, I would leave to head to the Greenhouse Bar, again overlooking Charlotte Amalie Harbor, and usually drink for free…….Then spend weekends at Magen's Bay, St John or rent a boat on the east end and hit Jost Van Dyke or Virgin Gorda. Cruzan Rum was $5.50 a 1/2 gallon, lived in a neighborhood called French Town, where the Frenchies were fisherman and would give us live spiny lobsters to grill for dinner….was a great time!

  2. You know there's this really neat-o place where you can buy just about anything, and I do mean "anything" … it's called "the Internet" and I hear they have it on computers these days!

  3. Roach: I may hate you. We almost packed up in 2000 and went to the USVI but we were chickenshit.

    Wombat: Fear not, I'll be there all fucking night

    DK: Would YOU buy sausages or meat on line? Know what? Don't answer that.

  4. I'm not complaining..just about the 6:00AM flight. Step 1: Convince everyone you work with that they'd shit themselves were you to leave. Step 2: Sell house. Step 3: Tell boss that you're moving in 6 weeks, whether or not you get to keep your job. Step 4: Pray that all you did in step 1 worked. Step 5: Move and set up shop in the home dungeon.

  5. Oh man, SWEEEET! And good luck finding anything really ethnic in these parts; have you tried all the grocery stores? I'm hoping to start my own at-home business in the next couple of years, perhaps I should get some pointers from you?

    Oh yeah, I gas up about once a month, too. Makes a big difference in a one-income household when the breadwinner had to drive an hour round-trip each day.

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