A full weekend

A whole lot happened this weekend.

To start, anything reunion-related will be posted on its own page. Look to the left. See the link? That’s where it will land.

To the crew in general: we may have new visitors soon. Let’s treat them nicely and not be too mean to them.


We flew up and things went well. JewelrySlut got to see the generalized airport silliness that I live and breathe every few weeks. It was odd to be flying with someone, but, since I like her, it was OK. If it were any of you jackals, I would think differently. We got to EWR, got our car and headed out to ChurchBomber and MerlotMan’s house. We grabbed a little pizza on the way and settled in for an evening of wine and wine.

Having had enough, and knowing I had to wake up in the morning, and fighting off this odd chest congestion thing I had going on, I went the hell to bed. It was cute; JewelrySlut and I had separate beds for the weekend. How Ozzie and Harriet of us.

I had to go to the office for work. Now, I don’t belong here on Fridays. I have not been in NJ on a Friday since November. But, work was madness, and I got to play my merry role of office jester. I should get the hat and tights and just be done with it.

We went out to dinner on Friday at an awesome restaurant in Parsippany called the Reservoir Tavern. We’d heard about it for years; it’s often mentioned when they list the best pizza in NJ. Shockingly, OTB doesn’t seem to have been there yet. Note to them: go! Anyway, we ordered way too much food and every morsel of it was amazing. We had fried calamari and a seafood salad to start. Both were excellent. MerlotMan ordered up a big vat of pasta with assorted shellfish. That’s an easy dish to foul up. They hit it out of the park. ChurchBomber ordered a chicken and arrugala salad. I think an entire chicken was in there. JewelrySlut ordered stuffed eggplant. It was stupid it was so good. I had them bring a Margherita pizza out to the table to test their pizza-making mettle. It was awesome. We ended up bringing home at least half the food. We went home and drank too much wine.

We left the house at about 11 to head to Pingry. As I stated, more will be said later. It was very interesting. That place is not a high school. I have no idea what it is, but a normal high school does not have a sculpture garden, performing arts wing and pink walls. The place just ain’t right. We met a few people and I started having more fun than I could have ever imagined.

I also started losing my voice. That made it fun.

We left school and went back to get dressed for the evening in the city. We hadn’t been to the city together since the night before Shmuppie was born, so it had been a while.

We got to Hoboken, parked the car, and went to the PATH trains. Our plan was to get into the city, go to eat in Little Italy (lower east side), go uptown to the party (upper east side) and then gat back on a PATH (midtown). The PATH could have taken us into 14th street, or the new WTC station.

We chose the WTC station.

Now, we’ve made bad decisions in our lives, but this one was near the top.

The thought was thus. We’d get in downtown and see how we felt. JewelrySlut had never seen the site and, if we felt OK, we’d go walk near it and cry a little bit. I know we weren’t there and only peripherally know people who were, but, as we keep saying, “It’s just so sad”

We’re on the train, and are close to the stop. I know this, because I know the path of the WTC train from my commuting to downtown days. I look up ahead of us, and emerging from the darkness is light. My brain screamed at me “OH NO! FOR GOD’S SAKE, PLEASE NO!”

It NEVER occurred to me that the train came into the site. It makes perfect sense; they use the same tracks, but where you used to be underground, under a building, you’re now underground…in the open. My mouth was agape and I was screaming in my head. I was somewhere where no person belongs. You’re literally down at the bottom of the site. I can’t explain how wrong it is and how horrible it felt. It’s just bad.

The train stopped and we got out. The station is open to the outside, but within a chain link fence for walls. But, you’re right there, at the bottom of the site. I could barely move and slowly made my way to the fence. JewelrySlut made it there before me and I could see she was crying. I started crying too. There are no words to describe it. It’s just so fucking horrible. I don’t know. It just hurt.

We left the station and went up the old escalators; the escalators you’ve seen in the movies and I used to commute up and down every day. At the top, the tourists hang out. I wanted to take every one of their cameras, stomp them, and scream “This is not a tourist destination. Get the fuck out of my city!”

Fighting back a true flood of tears, we just got the hell out of the area. It was too much. I never need to see the site again. It’s just too much.

Having depressed ourselves, we headed to dinner. The trains (subways) were on some “NoGoodDaddy and JewelrySlut are in the city” schedule and we had to do some insanity to get to Spring Street. We got there, walked to Mulberry and headed to Luna’s.


They closed Luna’s? As if the depressing sights, choking tourists and pouring rain wasn’t bad enough, our place was closed? You’re fucking kidding me!

We found another place to go to and it sucked. I won’t even mention them by name. We went to Caf‚ Roma for dessert and it was good. The service was horrid, but the desserts were good.

We hiked back to Spring Street and took the 6 to 68th and Lex. The party was here. We walked over and were the first to arrive.

Good times ensued.

We got home at 2:00. Shit, that’s too late for some old farts like us.

Sunday, we got up and lazed about for a bit.

We drove out to Hackettstown to see the old neighborhood and the house. They’re doing a LOT of building near where we used to live. We moved there 9 years ago and were surrounded by corn fields. Our property taxes were $2500. Now, they have strip malls everywhere, a retirement community is going in the field where the county fair used to be and property taxes just broke the $7000 mark. Thank God we moved.

But, our pool house looks like shit. It’s really gone to hell. One of the many reasons we moved was that the house needed to be painted/sided and the roof needed work. Looks like they’ve done neither. The paint looks really bad and mold is growing on one side of the house. The fascia boards at the roof like are all rotted and I can only guess what the roof is doing. The landscaping looks like shit, JewelrySlut’s garden is gone and it just looks horrible. We felt bad for the house.

To make us feel better, we went to Poor Boy’s and got some pizza. Damn you Raleigh and your no pizza-making skills. Damn you to hell!

We finished up, and went back to the house. I took a nap and the rest of the crew had some wine. We ate and then JewelrySlut and I left to go tot the hotel.

This morning was normal. JewelrySlut came in here to meet the crew. I drove her to EWR. Her flight was on time, and when she landed, she called to tell me that Continental had lost her bag. AWESOME!

So, here I am. I’m sleepy and could use a nap. My voice is shot and I have a big presentation tomorrow.

Good times.

Look for updates to the left as they come.

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  1. That all sounds like a blast!! cept the sad parts and the angry parts…anywho, NGD I have a question….being a good NJ boy, do you enjoy the track? If so I have a very cool website for you.

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