Uninspired, drenched and tired

So what’s happening this week?

Well, I’m busy…or at least pretend to be. Mostly, just tired.

I came up to NJ on Monday AM and was ready to go back to bed by 10:00. RDU was crowded, EWR sucked and the drive from EWR to HealthCareRelatedCompany’s offices took way too long.

Is it wrong of me to already detest many of my coworkers? No? Good. Because I do.

Here they are:

H: He is one of the buyers that we have on staff. He’s a nice enough guy, but refuses to listen to anything anyone says. He also seems to be unable to make a decision on his own or take any initiative. He’s probably OK when given instructions, but needs everything spelled out. Not a quality that fits in well in this environment.

L: She’s our traffic manager and works in a similar role to me. She’s also our resident complainer, whiner, bitcher and all around sourpuss. Really, a lovely gal. And, she has a huge mole on her face. All she does is wail about something and complain that her back hurts. I think she needs to be asphyxiated. But that’s just me. She’s another one who can’t see that this is a HUGE project that we’re working on and that it will take a lot of time to get rolling. I keep telling her deep things like “This is not a sprint…it’s a marathon.” That’s me, chock full o’cliches.

M: Oh boy. This guy is a mess. No one is quite sure how he was hired. He’s one of those 50+ year olds that we’ve all worked with who asks questions like “Where is the internet?” He has ZERO computer skills. Like…he needed to be taught how to use a mouse. And, all he wants to do it work on his training courses; which he continues to fail spectacularly. How do you fail sexual harassment training? It’s never OK to grab anyone’s ass. If you use that as a guide, you’ll be fine. He was supposed to be working with me and L, focusing more on print and mail applications, but he’s just not anywhere near up to it. Now, he’s supposed to be a buyer, but is still learning how to use his mouse. He doesn’t know how to respond to an email!

K: She’s new. I just met her this week. She’s going to work with me and L. She’s quiet, but seems to know her shit. Also, a big plus for her is that she doesn’t seem to have missed the day in Kindergarten when listening was taught. That’s not the case for the rest of the crew. I think they’re trying to drive me crazy. It’s working.

My manager, J, is cool. He understands that this is a huge thing we’re doing and is giving me a long leash to run around setting things up. We get along well which is good because in a few weeks (I hope), I’ll be heading home and he’s going to need to trust me to work remotely.

In addition to us full-timers, there is a revolving crew of consultants and temporary setup people coming and going. It’s more than a 3-ring circus. We’re in this ridiculous office with the smallest cubes I’ve ever seen. There are 20 desks in here and, I think 4 phones. We have some network access, but HealthCareRelatedCompany has us so locked down that we can barely function. While I was playing in PA earlier this year, people here spent months trying to explain why we would need access to things like email.

All I want to do is go home and go to bed. I can’t sleep in this hotel worth a shit. I’m up all night, tossing and turning. The A/C is loud and just doesn’t work well. The fact that I’m out at dinner every night, having a few cocktails is not helping things I’m sure. I don’t know. I’m just beat.

So, I’m up here until Friday this week and then come back here Monday morning for another week.

But, what else?

Well, it was nice to be home last week. We went wireless in the house so I need to buy JewelrySlut a laptop. She’s wanted one for a while because I can sometimes be slightly ogre-ish when I’m in the office. I tend to give her nasty looks when she’s typing away on the home PC. Plus, it’s got to have the world’s loudest keyboard. I really need to buy a new one. Anyone got one for sale?

I suck at fantasy football this season. I drafted nothing but retards. JewelrySlut, on the other hand, is starting to do well. She’s actually ahead of me in the standings. I’m not happy about that, but she is, so I guess I am. Does that make sense?

I still haven’t posted any Disney pictures because I just haven’t had time. There are a few good ones form the weekend as a whole, including a few of JewelrySlut exuding lots of hotness. Meeeee-ow.

We’re planning on going to the NC state fair this weekend. It’s in Raleigh and we missed it last fall during the great flood. It should be a redneck tour de force and I’m excited to go see the Goat Dress Up contest (I shit you not) as well as the “Guess how many teeth” and “Guess your BMI” booths. It should a hoot. Plus…carneys!

Hell 2 DA NAW

5 thoughts on “Uninspired, drenched and tired

  1. "Pygmpe Goat"? Are those the goats that pimp out the ho's and shit? Do they wear furry jackets and wide brim hats with a purple feather sticking out of it like Huggy Bear?

  2. Did I mention that on Sunday they have the Pygmpe Goat fashion show? It's good to see that tolerence has reached the South and even the midgets goats get to take part. Now, they just need to do something about the Friday night lynchin's

  3. Our "fair", also known as the Perth Royal Show, had a duck fashion parade. Dressed up ducks. They even had bride and groom ducks. I was torn between demanding someone's hide for animal cruelty, and congratulating someone for the most stupidly hilarious thing I've ever seen.

  4. You know, we've never been to the State Fair. With all the rednecky goodness up my way it didn't really seem necessary although the dressed up goat part sounds like a hoot. If you see their stalls littered with used condoms and empty tubes of Equate brand lube RUN!!!

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