Now in my line of work I seem to see a lot more than most

Ever want to know who I am (or at least how people perceive me when I’m wearing pants and not telling poop jokes)?

NoGoodDaddy Bio

As a RedCompany Transactional Communication Services Document Advisor, NoGoodDaddy draws upon 15 years of experience in print and mail customer service, sales, project and production management.

Having started his career running equipment in a family-owned print shop, NoGoodDaddy has managed print-related production processes, projects and product lines in a variety of environments including digital and commercial printing, labels, forms, envelopes and advertising specialties. While working in these environments, NoGoodDaddy successfully streamlined production processes, grew sales and launched successful and profitable product lines. These product lines NoGoodDaddy has managed have shown up to 300% growth while reducing costs and production lead times by as much as 25%.

In the RedCompanyTransactional Communication Services Document Advisor role, NoGoodDaddy will leverage his experience delivering print-related projects of all sizes and varieties on or ahead of schedule and under budget to transform and streamline post-sale communications and improve the efficacy and performance of client-facing communications and document-related services.

That’s some right fancy writin’, ain’t it?


10 thoughts on “Now in my line of work I seem to see a lot more than most

  1. I mauled a man over a bad print job myself. No worries, however…there's TONS more incompetent people than you will ever be on an incredibly bad day in your left pinky finger. You're doing great. Just remember to let them know that. They'll be giving you a raise in gratitude any day now…

  2. You can't Bullshit a bullshiter Bob. That sounds like a BS cover letter or intro letter to the team. You got to grab 'em by the balls and tell them how print production process gives you an errection. Tell them that running batch jobs is better than anal sex with jenna jameson. The smell of toner in the morning is the smell of…of Victory! My name is bob.I'm am the print department. . I live and die by the printer. I will obsess about printing labels day and night so you don't have to. Yes, I am a freak, but that's who you want doing this. I once killed a man over a bad print job. Don't fuck with me.


  3. You know more than you think you do…I have faith in your awesomeness. Just remember, companies don't jerk around employees that they don't want to keep. Benjamin Russell, founder of Russell Sportswear once said: "Don't kick if I kick. If you are worth correcting, you are worth keeping. I don't waste time cutting specks out of rotten apples."

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