Makes me want to go back again

I doubt you’ll miss me, but I must be going now for a while. Maybe not, but I’ll play it safe anyway.

I’m off to NJ tonight for a week’s worth of fun-filled training. Since I no longer work for HealthCareRelatedCompany, chances are good my laptop won’t allow me on the interweb anymore. RedCompany has my computer on order but it’s not here yet. I don’t know if the hotel’s business center will allow me to write up pathetic updates on its computer. I may be going dark for the week.

This is bad, not because I need to keep updated on you losers, but because I need to keep up to date on my fantasy football teams. Nothing sucks more than flying on a Sunday during football season. Well, a rectal exam might, but I’m not 100% sure.

The new job should be fun. After this week, I think I’ll end up having 2 laptops; one from HealthCareRelatedCompany and one from RedCompany. How on Earth I’ll keep track of them is about 16790% beyond me. HealthCareRelatedCompany won’t allow anyone access to shared drives unless it’s their own computer. I guess that makes some sense. I need the access because our IT people suck ass and can’t figure out how to allow my old customer base to FTP files to RedCompany. So, I’ll be grabbing files on one computer, sending them across the desk to another one, doing my file prep and then sending them somewhere. I don’t know. I’m dizzy just thinking about it. But, because my “replacements” have utterly destroyed my product line, HealthCareRelatedCompany has demanded that I be up and running as soon as possible in order to stop the bleeding.

It’s wonderful. The other day as I signed off of our daily production call for the last time, RedHead announced that she was very sad to see me go and what a huge loss it was for HealthCareRelatedCompany. I found this interesting because she fired me. But, that’s a detail. I also find it interesting that HealthCareRelatedCompany is willing to pay my salary from RedCompany (plus a markup I’m sure), no questions asked. I’ll also add that they’re probably now paying at least $30K more per year to have me to exactly the same job that I did last week. And you wonder why your prescriptions cost so much. (You all figured out a ways back where I worked, right?) Well folks, I may have just driven them up a little bit more. Buy generic!

I need to go tweak my lineups for today’s games and then maybe tweak my nipples.

3 thoughts on “Makes me want to go back again

  1. Hey dude,

    Nice to see you finally left the company!

    life is good here in illinois, love the woman, hate the location!


  2. Yeah, wot Smed said. Just don't sit on the bedspread while choking the purple headed stormtrooper; that may very well be the same hotel room Feyg has stayed in before you.

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