I just bought a water bed, it’s filled up for me and you

The phone rings yesterday morning and I can see it’s our property manager.

“Hey Carol, what’s going on?”
NoGoodDaddy? (She had mad” phone skills)”
“Yes. Hi.”
“Someone at 1780 just called me saying their hot water heater is leaking and he doesn’t know how to shut it off.”
“Why on Earth would he call you? What’s he want you to do about it?”
“I don’t know. Can you help him?”
“Sure. I can turn off a leaky hot water heater.”

So, off I went to this guy’s house. He had one hell of a leaky hot water heater. Poor bastard’s basement was soaked. I shut off his main water line first (because the valve on the heater was stuck) and then got some pliers. Crisis averted. The guy was a mess. And, I can’t blame him. I started telling him what needed to be done and we got to work. We cleared his basement and called Ricky, my water cleanup Redneck. The basement was a mess and a half. This guy is a slob. Just shit piled everywhere…AND he plans to list the house soon. I told him this was a good excuse to get some new carpet and throw away a lot of the shit he had piled about. I also advised that he get a new hot water heater. He seemed dazed by the thought. He also thought this was somehow not his responsibility and that the HOA should be paying. I had to explain that it really didn’t work that way. He also said that he didn’t have home insurance. Not that it would have covered a hot water heater leak, but who doesn’t have homeowner’s insurance? Seems he’s relying on the lame ass policy the community has. That’s some good home ownership if you ask me.

Work is fun. I’m officially removed form the day to day operations up in PA. This is a good thing because I no longer want to be involved on site. It’s not my job to go there and run a printer. I’m better suited here at home, managing the screaming that comes at me from HealthCareRelatedCompany and from RedVendor. And, let me tell you, there’s a lot of screaming. Honestly, how does one lose 20,000 pieces of paper? That’s 4 of the big boxes you buy copy paper in. How do you lose it? I don’t know, but for 3 weeks running now, some asswipe in my old office has claimed that she didn’t get a 20,000 page report. Last week, I went to her desk and pointed at the 4 boxes that were sitting next to it. “Do you mean this?” I asked with just a tad of sarcasm in my voice. “Is this your missing report that you’ve causing people to run around 2 states looking for?”

Fuck heads. All of them.

We went to 2 furniture stores yesterday. Not so bad. In fact, we think we found something we like. We still have to repaint our room before we buy anything, but think we’ve found a winner. A part of me wants to wait until November though. Apparently, High Point, NC is the Home Furnishings Capitol of the World. I know they have a huge show in late October where all the manufacturers show their wares. I also know that after the show ends, they unload all their floor and show samples at really low prices. We may wait until then, drive over to High Point, and see what’s available at a low low price. Either way, our bedroom is annoying. It’s big (17 feet by 11 feet), but has 2 wasted walls. One of the 11′s is all closets. One of the 17′s is taken up by a 14 foot wide window. There’s only so much you can put against the windows without it looking goofy. As it is, our bed is against that wall now. I think anything we buy will have to go that way. The other 17 has the entry door and the bathroom door, so wall space is further limited. I found this nifty room planner on line. We’ve been dragging furniture around a virtual representation of our bedroom and can’t quite get it all to work. Expect many tedious updates on our furniture search.

Hey…we bought snorkeling gear yesterday. Whoopie for us. We decided to go ahead and buy gear because by the time we rent it in St John for a week, it’s about the same price. And, as an added bonus, no snorkel funk. Also, the gear will fit. There’s nothing like reaching into a huge drum of bleach solution to fish out gear that someone else’s filth-encrusted mouth has been all over. We’ll be test driving the stuff in the pool over the coming days. Should be a sight to behold.

Hey. Who else is excited that I’m writing boring shit again?

I know I am!

7 thoughts on “I just bought a water bed, it’s filled up for me and you

  1. Wow you have went from bland to boring in one entry! You my friend have MAD story skillz. How do you keep yourself from screaming at these people who think common sense is optional? That guy is a douche squared.

  2. Didn't buy fins. Too bulky in the suitcases, plus I don't have any problems either going without (I have webbed feet) or just renting them for like $2 per day at the dive shop.

    Smed: He uses the group policy I guess. Pretty dumb if you ask me.

  3. Buying your own gear is smart. Just make sure to rinse them off very well. Salt water kills masks and fins. what did you buy for fins?

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