Weird paintings on the wall

Yay it’s a Monday and I’m home.

We had a good weekend here at Casa NoGood. The weather was less-than-wonderful, but we got a lot done.

And…I made it home on time on Friday. I don’t think I’ve ever had a flight leave Newark on time. Usually, on time means “Less than 90 minutes late”. Nope…we were in the air within 15 minutes of the estimated time. And, the people on the plane were only mildly psychotic. Who knew?

But, as mentioned, we were very productive this weekend. We created a coat closet out of a storage cabinet. Now all of our coats are out of boxes and suitcases. Like we’ll ever need them ever again, but you never know. We also cleaned up the storage room, piling crap higher in the air, but opening up some floor space. I was also able to organize the luggage a little bit better.

But, yesterday was the fun day, especially for JewelrySlut. We filled 6 big lawn and leaf bags with clothes that were destined for Goodwill. We like getting rid of stuff. I purged out sweaters, sweatshirts, dress shirts, pants and other crap. I no longer have any under the bed boxes (I used to have 2). I did have to move some stuff to the guest room closet, but it’s only suits and nice dress shirts. Namely things I never need. JewelrySlut got rid of a boatload of clothes. Mostly things she used to wear to work or stuff that just doesn’t fit anymore. Woman’s changing size again. All the stuff we got rid of back in NJ would now fit again. 8 months of working out at the Y has paid off. I gots me an even hotter wife now! Woohoo for me!

We also picked up some paint books because it’s bathroom time for us. We want to paint Shmuppie’s bathroom before the vacation. We need to settle in on some colors. We’re thinking bright. Her shower curtain has yellow, blue, green and orange on it. So, stuff like that. We also need to figure out our bedroom and bathroom.

Our room is the Land of Misfit Furniture. We have 2 pieces from the Guest Room set, 2 old dressers, and these little lamp tables for nightstands. We really need a bedroom set. We can get the 2 pieces into the guest room if we put the dresser for that room in the closet. It will fit but I may need to hang bi-fold doors. But, we have no idea what we may want. We looked at a few websites and reached the following conclusion: We don’t know what we want but will know it when we see it. Should make for fun shopping. We also need colors for the room. We’re leaning towards a muted tropics thing…greens, tans, etc with, as I put it, a Fucking Carnival of color in the bathroom. But, we need furniture. Buying a bedroom set may ruin our marriage. We had an idea to fly to PHL, rent a van, go to Ikea, buy a set and rive it home. But then we remembered that we really hate Ikea furniture. We like to think we like it, but we don’t. This is going to end badly.

Oh, and for fun, someone fucked up the pool last night. I went out to check it this morning and the pump motor was straining. That means the water level is way low. The ground outside the house was also flooded. Great. Seems some people tossed nearly all the furniture in the pool and then directed the in-feed pipe out of the water and on to the deck. Since we need to constantly run the water to keep the level even, it drained a good 8″ out of the pool AND poured hundreds of gallons of water out in to our yards. Good times. I think I know who did it and I am buying a gun.

Did I mention that I’m going away this weekend? Yup…the weary traveler hits the road again. But, this time it will be for fun. I’m flying to BWI to meet my father. We’re catching an Orioles game (on Hispanic night to boot!), staying in the city and then driving to Philly the following day for a Phils game. Should be fun. And, I get to go to PHL again. I mean, can a girl wish for anything else?

Then, it’s 3 weeks until St John. I still have to firm up our plans for a boat excursion, plan menus, but food and pack. But, it’s all good because I get to go to St John again!

That’s it for me. I’m just happy to have a few minutes when I’m not on the phone to get a post up for all you to see.

Oh…other than you, is anyone else a HOAR for purses? JewelrySlut was giving away a purse that I think my mother said was good. It’s a MuMu brand. Anyone heard of it? If so, and if you want it, I will swap it for schwag.

8 thoughts on “Weird paintings on the wall

  1. Mmmmm, leather…does it smell like leather? I like to smell leather. And on that now, just how the HELL do you but food? Is this some sort of fetish we should know about?

  2. It was the Clampett's next door, wasn't it? They were probably bathing in the pool, too. MuMu? Isn't that the big shapeless sacks fat grandmas wear? Let me know if JS is getting rid of any Coach bags; I'm a hoar for leather.

  3. First, you got my link wrong. Jesus.

    And there's nothing wrong with being a purse hoar. Because no matter how many Cheetos I eat, my purse always fits. Send it to me already. You know you want to.

  4. I'm not really a purse HOAR or anything, but there is no way in hell that I'd give up the one Coach bag that I have. It is so soft and supple and I love it! (loves it)

  5. And who doesn't love Coach? You saw my ratty old Aigner bag; I've had that sucker for almost 10 years. As soon as I can find a suitable replacement for it I'll do just that.

    Mmmmmm, Coach…

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