I’m a one man band with no immediate plans

I’m beat. I barely know what friggin day it is lately.

Let’s see:

Friday: Up early for a 7:30 AM flight home. On the ground before 9, and met by the ladies shortly thereafter. We went to the Y and I came home to work. I was tired. I may have napped at some point, but it was so long ago, I barely remember. We did go out to dinner though. I think it was good. We also learned how to check the chlorine and pH of the pool, saving us $1200 in additional pool company charges. It was also hot.

Saturday: Up early because the kid refuses to sleep past 7:00. Ugh… While making breakfast, I almost broke Shmuppie’s hand. For reasons only known to her 4-year old mind, she thought it would be a good idea to reach up and touch the stove while I was making her some eggs. Now, she’s been told like 47 million times not to do that, so what made her think t hat Saturday was the right time to do it was beyond me. We have one of those glass top electric ranges, so, fortunately, her hand landed just off of the red part. I grabbed it (quite forcibly I’ll add), hollered at her and whacked her hand. The whack was a little too hard, but my mind had kinda seized up at that point. We were off to a good start.

We had breakfast on the deck and that was nice. After that was cleaned up, I decided to go play lumberjack. I cut down parts of a few trees out behind our house. I made quite a mess of myself in the process. Really, it was fun. We went out and did a little shopping (JewelrySlut needed some new bikinis now that she’s convinced herself that she can “get away with” wearing one again”). We came home and spent some time poolside I think. I barely remember.

Oh yea…we also had made a bucket of slushy sangria. Ummm…sangria-induced ice cream head…

And…we watched Lost. I mean; what the fuck?

Sunday: Another productive day. We went to the Farmer’s Market…again to buy fruits and things. Then, we went out to buy mulch. Ever buy mulch by the bag? Ever do it if you’re an idiot?
This is how it goes:
Measure the space at home (150 square feet)
Drive to store and look at bags.
The bags are sold in 3 cubic feet units. It actually made my brain bleed to calculate how many I needed. I came up with this formula:
Each bag will make a 3′ x 1′ x 1′ lump of mulch. Since I don’t need it to be a foot deep, I figured I could get 6 3′x1′ lumps that were 2″ deep. That gave me 18 square feet. The mulch-kid was impressed with my ciphering skills. I bought 10 bags.

Then, I mulched and sweated a lot. I think we showered after that and sat by the pool. It may have been on that trip where I had to chide a child for throwing a lit cigarette butt into the VERY DRY weeds. Kids don’t know how to respond when adults speak to them, do they? Later in the day, some kids were throwing the pool furniture at each other. When I went down to check the pool water, they tried to slink away. Not so fast boys. I made them pick up all their shit. Their mother will hear form me about it.

Shit…this is boring.

Monday: More pool time and then we landscaped with Miss Anne. We wanted to clean up the entry way to our parking lot. We ripped out some old bushes and put in some new ones and some flowers. It looks nice. Step by step, we may actually build our court into a community. We’re getting there. The rest of Monday involved napping.

Wow…we got a lot done and spent a lot of time in the sun. I’m a little sun burnt, but that’s OK. I want to be tanned before I go to St John so I don’t have to be so afraid of the sun while I’m there.

Today is just a big catch-up day. Lots to do from work. I’m home this week and away next. Then home for one and away for another. After that the travel may be really slowing down. Taking Southwest last week was a smart move. They’re less crazy than US Air and the flights all left on time. But, it’s still a kick to watch the cattle pile up to get seats like 90 minutes before the flights leave. I just sat back and waited for the end of the A group to board, got on line and sat in Row 2 for both flights. Very painless…

Now I’m on a boring conference call. Afterwards, I need to go check the pool again and then take a shower.

Wow…what an exciting life I lead.

11 thoughts on “I’m a one man band with no immediate plans

  1. check the water 2x a day? I don't know what the codes are for a comunity pool (if any) but wtf? How many folks use the pool and how often? What's size pool? In ground, above? what type of filter?

  2. I know the $1200 was a lot. They wanted $1200 on top of what they charge us to do all the other maintenence just to come check the water 2 more times per day. That's why I'm doing it now. It takes 5 minutes in total to do it and Shmupipe has fun watching the colors.

    5 cubic yards is enough to mulch all of raleigh. I only needed $40 worth to do my area. It was a 14×14 spot. Remember…townhouse living

  3. screw it, I googled mapped-satalite your place. It looks like a 12×32 in ground. probably with a DE filter. 2x a day is probably too much. But ok if you are just trying to see what's happening. Once you've got a handle on it, then you should only have to check once a day. Keep your chlorine up to 5ppm. careful if you are buying your own supplies.

  4. How the fuck do you know where I live? Did I mail you something? Time to list the house. All I know is that I was told that someone (City, County, Sherrif of Nottingham) says the water needs 3 checks per day. We do 2 of them because we like to save money. We keep the chlorine as close to 5 as possible. It dropped to zero over the weekend, but we chalked that up to the season opening and the heat. They have it regulated. We let the pool managers do the treating of the water, I just report on it. Next time, we'll discuss the fake cameras I'm having put in.

  5. El Presidente,

    You were paying someone $1200 to check the Ph and CL of the pool? a test kit is a few bucks and takes 30 seconds to test. A test strip is pennies and can be done in 10 seconds. Or was that to vacuum, clean the filters, adjust the water, etc? Pool maintence is easy. e-mail if you have questions. You could have a local kid vacuum the pool once a week for $15.

    Mulch. Buy it by the Square YARD. Next year, call a local garden center. usually if you buy a certain amoutn they'll give you a discount price and deliver it. I got 5 sq yards of premimum hemlock mulch deliverd for $120(that's a *fuckload* of mulch). You could split the costs with nieghbors.

  6. I know why you needed so much mulch, you're mom finally made you snap and you had to have enough to hide the body. Hence the consumpion of mass quantities of sangria.

    You can't fool us, NGD!

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