Is she strollin along the shore or cruisin oer the broad savannah

Let me tell you about last night’s dinner:

Setting: A dinner table in Raleigh, NC
Players: NoGoodDaddy, JewelrySlut, Shmuppie
Adult Menu: Turkey Burgers (yummmm) and pasta salad
Kiddie Menu: Spaghetti, mixed veggies, chicken nuggets, fish sticks (And get the fuck off my ass for preparing her own food. She’s a lousy eater as it is)
Weather: Thunder, lightning, heavy rain

So, we sit down to eat:

Shmuppie: I can’t play with my best friends.

NoGoodDaddy: Who are your best friends?

Shmuppie: No, my best friends

NoGoodDaddy: (Looking across the table for help…and getting none) OK

Shmuppie: I can’t play with my best friends. Like Grammy, Grampy, Gramps, Miss S, SecretAgentBrother (Dropped the Uncle), Michael Buble, LongIslandAunt, LongIslandCousin

Parents: (Stunned silence)

Shmuppie: I can’t play with them because it’s raining. When it’s not raining, I can play with them outside

Parents: (Stunned silence)

Yea…Again, why is Michael Buble playing outside (but not in the rain) with my daughter? Not only does he call her quite often, but he also came up in conversation a month ago when Shmuppie decided who was going to Disney World with her. I’m not saying that I’m worried, but the radar is on.

My Presidential Powers are getting to me. I rammed a vote through the board to get the aforementioned wedding held at our clubhouse. As I see it, the trade off is there. I have to deal with a redneck wedding at the clubhouse out behind my house. But, in return, they’re going to go in and totally clean and renovate the place. Clean it from top to bottom and repair the electrical and A/C. Shit…I can’t argue with that. The clubhouse is pretty cool and several of us think it could be used for events and stuff. We just need it cleaned and updated a little bit.

I also am flexing Presidential Muscle today about another situation. We have a potentially unruly neighbor who I have to deal with. Someone had his car towed recently. Seems it had been in an accident and he had repaired it enough to drive it but was waiting for parts or something to do the other repairs. But, the guy and another guy who he rents to (a no-no apparently) are apparently belligerent assholes. So, I’ve come up with a solution and I believe I have enough people to get it done. If not, I’m deciding it because we can’t tow peoples’ cars because we don’t like them. As much as I would like to be running a Police State, I’m not…yet. Good times.

And, I’m on a flight on Monday to PHL again. A week of fun and sun in North Wales, PA. I have an early AM flight and am coming home first thing on Friday morning. I usually consider PHL to be about the 7th circle of hell. On the Friday going into Memorial Day weekend, I think undeniable horror would better describe it. I’m so excited.

JewelrySlut just came down and told me that I flexed my Presidential Muscle last night and that she’s like a Presidential Pardon later on if possible.

I’m gonna get some nookie. I’m gonna get some nookie. I’m gonna get some nookie.
NaNa NaNa NaNa

5 thoughts on “Is she strollin along the shore or cruisin oer the broad savannah

  1. Dude, don't talk about my front lawn like that. Is Shmuppie carrying around a picture of Buble that she tore out of one of JS' girly magazines? If not, I wouldn't worry.

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