Strange situation, wild occupation

We got through the weekend and it was more interesting than expected for the most part.

I got home on Thursday OK and they got in that evening OK. We went to dinner and had many margaritas to loosen the mood. Shmuppie was thrilled to see her grandparents and my father especially was thrilled to see her.

Back to the house, quick tour of things, and we all watched some TV. No problems to that point.

Friday morning met us all in good spirits. The plan was to all go to the Farmer’s Market to pick up dinner fixins. I was going to take my father on a tour of the area and then let the ladies head home in JewelrySlut’s car. But, my mother wanted us all to go together, so together we went. We poked around downtown and headed up through the “city” up towards North Raleigh and Falls Lake. All the while, we extolled the virtues of the Triangle. Finally, Shmuppie was done and needed to get home for a nap.

For S’s and G’s, I put on the Real Estate channel once we got home. Bad idea, NoGoodDaddy, bad idea. 1 hour later, my parents and I are in the car headed to Wake Forest to look at houses. We looked through 2 subdivisions up there and had to pry my mother home for dinner and present-opening festivities. The seed had been sown. They were considering moving. (Of course, all along, JewelrySlut and I knew this was happening, it just happened quickly).

Presents went well. My parents overdid it, as grandparents do, and Shmuppie loved the things from us. She immediately started banging away on the keyboard and tooling about on the trike.

After dinner, my mother went to bed and JewelrySlut my father and I watched a movie and discussed “Stuff”. Basically, would we be OK with them moving here. We said that we can’t stop them but we would want them to move because they agreed to do it and not for some other crazy ass reasons.

Saturday was to be house hunting day, Part Deux. Back to North Raleigh for more houses. It was amusing watching them go from the low $200′s to the mid $400′s in the span of like an hour. The houses kept getting bigger and bigger, but the need for more space grew. “I just need one more room” was the rallying cry of the morning. The 3 of us and my father were all getting antsy. It was a lovely day, but was a little hot and Shmuppie was getting ornery. We finally escaped and made it home in time to get ready to head out for some baseball. JewelrySlut, my father and I had a blast at the game, drinking beer and enjoying the evening. All the while, it hung over all of us what was in play.

Once we got home, over more drinks, we all discussed it all. They’re in a Chicken or Egg phase. Does my mother insist that my father have a job set here before they sell the NJ house? Do they move and have him find something once they arrive here? Do they even come at all?
It’s going to be interesting. I think they’ll be here before long, but it may be a bumpy road between now and then.

Gotta go, it’s time to go to Soccer. Or as the coach calls it; Cat Herding.

4 thoughts on “Strange situation, wild occupation

  1. Cat herding indeed. The next time Katie actually makes a bee line for the ball, with effort and determination, will be the first. And there are two games left. But she's having fun!

  2. You know, if the Shmupster needs any pointers in soccer Jr would be happy to show her some of his smooth moves, what with him being the 2006 Spring Soccer Champion and all. *puts hand to side of face, mouths 'call me'*

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