An entry so bad, I won’t sully a Buffett quote by attaching one to it


Jesus Tapdancing Christ am I bored. Or just annoyed. Or maybe just cranky.

I’m here in the hamlet of North Wales, PA, stuck at the RedVendor site plugged into t dialup connection. Wanna see how cool life is? Try working on dialup for a week. That will remind you of how awesome high speed internet is.

I’m turning over a new leaf here. After today, I will never talk about my job situation. Seems every time I do so, I put the maloik on myself.

Last time, I was mentioning how another director here at HealthCareRelatedCompany had expressed interest in having me come work for him. Plus, I had the whole thing in the air with RedVendor.

Then the phone rang.

RedHead was her usual skittish self and I knew what was coming, I just needed to let her freak out a little bit first. Seems, they are not keeping me beyond September. OK, I knew that was coming. But, what came next was a little shocking. I had told her that I felt it appropriate that I be given a stay bonus or severance package to make sure I stayed until the end. Well, they thought it over and decided not to do so. OK…so I have a job until September and them nothing. OK…I can’t say I agree with their thinking. She asked me what I thought I should have gotten (see…she’s a great manager). I told her that I deserved whatever the going rate was for a person in my position with 3+ years at the company who had worked as hard as I had on this project. She had no idea what to say. She’s decided to split my job up among 3 other people. At some point, I’m supposed to fly to NJ to train one of them on what I do. Oh yea, I’m inspired to do that. Pick me.

So, the job search is on. I plan to leave as soon as I can. As much as it kills me to leave the project hanging in the breeze, fuck it. What can I do about it? They’re not doing anything for me, why should I do anything for them? I honestly believe she thinks I’d never think of leaving early. When I told my boss, I believe her words were “I can’t wait to go tell her you resigned just to see her reaction”.

I can’t gripe too much considering that about a year ago, I went to my boss and essentially resigned. In fact, in order to keep my job this long, I had to resign it first. I’ve gotten a year of work at home when I didn’t expect any. So, that’s my severance package.

But, it does do something to my motivation over the coming weeks. I mean, what’s my incentive to be hopping on a plane every other week? I should be using that time to be at home looking for work.

So, I emailed the other director about the other job, telling him I was available immediately. He wrote back to say that he’d started getting flack because people wanted the job sitting in NJ. He’s not sure why they want that and thinks I can do the job, but now it’s been put on the back burner.

I was 0-2 at this point.

The thing at RedVendor is out there, but it’s going to be all travel-based. I still don’t know how that will be. I may like it, but the past few months have been rough. I miss the ladies and much prefer being home.

So, I’m actively looking for a job. I’m also pounding our internal job boards and applying for shit left and right. I’m telling people that I can do the job from my house. I expect NOTHING to come of this. But, maybe it will trickle back to RedHead and she’ll see what I’m up to.

So, no more talk about jobs here. I’ll mention it next when I have something new and am off on a new career adventure.

Otherwise, I’m headed home first thing in the morning. I have a 7:30 flight. I thought of going home tonight, but there were no flights available until like 9:30PM. Since US Air and PHL suck, the flight would be late. Then, I’d arrive home very late and just be a cranky-ass mess. So, later today, I’m driving down to PHL and staying at a hotel there. The Resaissance. It looks swanky on the website. I do love me a swanky hotel. Because where I stay up here is decidedly un-swanky. I liked in particular the peeling wallpaper in my bathroom. Or the refusal by the cleaning people to replace my coffee. All in all a good time. And, their gym sucks. It’s crowded and hot. And the bike and I don’t get along very well.

Oh yea, I love business travel.

JewelrySlut has the bathroom all finished. So, it’s going to be all squeaky clean for the arrival tomorrow evening of my parents. It should be a hoot and a half this weekend. I just hope we don’t kill each other too much. Shmuppie wants a party for Friday, so a party she’s getting. She wanted decorations and hats so she and JewelrySlut went to the store the other day to pick them out. We didn’t get her too much stuff. She’s getting gifts: a tricycle (A real Radio Flyer, not some plastic piece of shit) a batting Tee (She’s taken a shine to playing baseball lately) and a keyboard (Scored off Ebay for a good price). She actually asked for drums, a trumpet, a piano and a violin, so she’ll undoubtedly be disappointed. Or not. She’s 4. She’ll love her loot and drive us crazy with the noise she makes.

I just hope the weather is OK. It may be rainy on Saturday. As long as the Bulls game isn’t rained out, we should be fine. I’m planning some sort of grilled feast for Friday night, but we’re not sure what I’ll end up making. JewelrySlut may just go poke about at the local pork outlet and see what she can find. That’s right…I said it. Pork Outlet. Welcome to NC. You can buy parts of a pig that I only had nightmares about. Like a whole head… Shmuppie likes to go there to look at “the piggie heads”. I’m just happy she’s not as horrified as I am by them. My mother wants to buy one and put it on my grill. I don’t think so.

Speaking of which…my grill.

It’s a sad story, but one that deserves to be told. For the grill’s sake I should tell the tale.

We bought my grill when we moved to Hackettstown. So, it’s now 8 years old. I love my grill. It was my first big boy grill. It’s got 3 levels of cooking space and a side burner that I never use. I’ve cooked everything out there. Name a food, and I’ve probably tried grilling it. But, it’s getting old. I’ve replaced the grates and gas/flame diffuser thingie too many times to count. Now, the inside is getting nasty and the wheels are falling off. It may be time to get a new one. JewelrySlut is wisely letting me come to grips with this all on my own. I’ve finally brought myself to the point where I can think about a new grill. But, it’s going to take a while until I finally put my old one to rest. And, please don’t give me the whole gas vs. charcoal thing. I don’t have time to light a fucking fire. I want to have the thing turn on when I want and heat up quickly. I van overcome the lack of smoky flavor because I am a seasoning wizard when it comes to grilled foods. So, whenever we’re in Home Depot or Lowes or some other place, I take a look at the grills and ponder them. JewelrySlut keeps her distance as I whimper over my ailing friend out on the patio. I may get a new shiny grill, but I’ll always have my first grill. It will forever remain special to me.

Boy, this is a crappy entry. Can’t wait to post it.

I should just keep going with this just to see if I can make even myself puke.

8 thoughts on “An entry so bad, I won’t sully a Buffett quote by attaching one to it

  1. I've only just begun to wrongify our borrowed-from-CrazyCatLady grill, but I look forward to having feelings for it like you obviously do for yours. Only I probably won't go as far as you with my love of the marinades as they sting a bit on my taint.
    Man, that was a long and crappy entry and I read the whole thing. Is it wrong that I enjoyed it? Is it wrong that Wife is sitting next to me looking all sweet and lovely, yet she's the same chick that just said "festering scabby ass"? Is it wrong that I keep smelling my fingers? Is it wrong that I keep making Wife smell them? Can you guess what's on them? HAHAHAAAAA..
    On that note, fuck that job in the festering scabby ass. You deserve better, and if people don't give you that, then they ain't worth a shit.
    Unless you really DO suck. That case… um… I've got new socks on.

  2. Pfft. I got my kid drums. Ya big meanie :D It's great, I'm training her to go "Budum CHING" every time someone says something funny.

    Whadya mean your grill is nasty? Aren't they supposed to be nasty? I thought essential grill flavour came from a thing cooking in the essence of a thousand of it's departed brethren … maybe thats just our grill then.

  3. Thanks for the warning. Would it be really rude and inconsiderate if a person actually scrolled all the way to the end without reading anything further and then left a comment? I'm just asking . . .

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