He used to play in the bars, he could sound like the stars

Yesterday was interesting. It started like this:

It ended like this:

In the middle of all that, I had fun and was reminded again how awesome everything has been since we moved down here.

So, Wednesday evening, Shmuppie and I went out back to play a little golf. JewelrySlut was out at the store trying to find something appropriate to wear to the Buble show. We hacked around a bit and then came inside for dinner. That’s when the itching started. It was not fun. By 10:00, my left eye was swelling. I took a ride to the ER, seeing as it was night time and all and my normal doc was at home. After 45 minutes, they told me there was a “considerable wait”. That said, I went home and went to bed. In the morning, I went to my normal doctor and he diagnosed me with a case of the “Who the fuck knows” Something is causing my eye to swell shut. Obviously it’s an allergen of some sort, but we don’t know what. I have pills, drops and a cream now. Yippie.

As I mentioned, JewelrySlut had been clothes shopping. I should really say “JewelrySlut was NOT clothes shopping”. Woman’s got nothing to wear when “stepping out” is required. She dumped a bunch of dressy-ish clothes before we moved because nothing fit anymore because her tits are too huge. (there are worse reasons if you ask me). She spent like 2-3 hours going from store to store and found nothing. She was very unhappy. But, so it goes for a 35 year old woman who doesn’t want to dress like a teenager or a grandmother…

So, on to the concert last night. Miss Ann was going to watch Shmuppie for the evening, hence freeing us to go. I only got my hands on the tickets at 5:00 because our mail man is a douche. I had to go to the scary postal depot place to pick them up.

We went to a bar before the show and had a few drinks ands appetizers to get in the mood for our big night. On the way to the theater, we noticed that I need to do some clothes shopping. Apparently, without one of these I can not be the hip style cat that I so yearn to be. Alas…

We had great seats in the front of what can best be described as a rear mezzanine. Considering that we paid $65 for 2 $79 tickets, we did well.

A comedian opened for Buble.


He was dreadful.

He, like Buble, is a filthy Canadian, so he did the requisite jokes about not knowing French (despite being Canadian). He then went into a predictable rant about how hard it is to learn English.

You know:

“You say House and you say Houses. You say mouse and you say mice. Clear as crystal, right?” (Raucus laughter form the crowd)

(Since I know exactly where this is going at this point (and for that matter, so does Pimp) I told JewelrySlut to be ready for what I was about to do)

“So, following that, you say moose and you say …”

(From the rear mezzanine) MOOSEN!

“Right…it’s like you had that all prepared or something, didn’t you, sir?”

That’s right, sucka. You bring that weak ass shit into my city and I’m sending it back like cold soup.

Finally, Buble took the stage and rocked. Well…as much as one who sings swing/jazz/standards can rock. Nevertheless, it was a fun show.

He made a funny at one point:

“Thanks to all the men in the audience are here and have no idea who I am. You’ve all been dragged here by your wives. Well, ladies, I’m not here for you. I’m here for the men. You see, as I see it, I’m just here to put some air in the bicycle tire. Gentlemen, it’s your job to ride that thing home all night long”

Boy, was he ever right.

When it came time to sing “Save the Last Dance for Me”, women all over the place flood the stage to sing along and dance. Us? Well, I grabbed JewelrySlut and we rented a tile on the steps leading to our seat and danced to the song out there in front of God and everyone. And, considering that I dance like an elephant with a spastic tic, it must have been a site to behold. Fuckall, it was fun.

It was an excellent show and we had an excellent time. I’d go so far as to say that I would plan a weekend in Vegas around one of his shows. We really had a great time.

Not much else happening. Off to PA on Monday for a fun filled week of I don’t know what. Since we still don’t have a signed agreement twixt us and RedVendor, there’s no production next week. I think the main reason I’ll be there is to go to the Phillies/Nats game. And…to learn about a possible job with RedVendor

5 thoughts on “He used to play in the bars, he could sound like the stars

  1. Oh, my. During our cruise in 1999, we went to see…Yakov Smirnoff…dreadful. Just dreadful. He's still doing the Soviet Russia bit with a bad case of jingoism thrown in. Ghastly.

    Even with that eye – you're with me.

  2. I wasn't necessarily all that big on the Buble before…but a guy who can make a comment like that and STILL have women wanting to get up in his grill and dance afterward has my respect. And good call on the emergency room. Your eye would have looked way worse if you had stayed up all night. Hope the cream/ointment/drops do their job soon.

  3. Dude. Your eye. Didn't this happen like a year ago? I seem to recall a similar pic of some part of your body swelling to alarming proport… oh. Wait. Nevermind. Anyway, who's this Buble person? Don't tell me I'm old, either, or I'll smack ya.

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