I won’t make my music for money, no I’m gonna make my music for me

News and notes from the Tar Heel State, folks (like you care)

We have a lottery system down here now. YAY for us. An Educational Lottery, thank you. I know it’s an EDUCATIONAL lottery because they’ve gone out of their way to stress this point. I guess this has been done so we would not think it was a “Satan is taking over the world and you’re all burning in hell” lottery. That’s how the opponents are making it sound.

What’s wrong with some scratch off games and an entry to the Powerball thing? The thing launched yesterday. The paper this morning said that by 10:00PM they had sold $6.5 million in tickets and awarded out $1.3 million in prizes. So, we’re looking at a surplus of over $5 million in one form or another. I know it’s not all going to the schools, but at least some does. And, that “some”, if you ask me, means one thing: Less of a change to raise taxes. I mean, my already ridiculously low taxes won’t go down because of this lottery, but maybe they won’t go up as fast. I’m all for keeping taxes down (see the move to NC as a prime example).

Down here, and here in Wake County in particular, there’s a crunch for schools. As more and more people like us (and by us, I mean Yankees, not repugnant assholes) move down, the crunch gets worse. We’re moving for 2 main reasons: Lower costs, better schools. The Wake County school system is among the best in the country (or so I’ve been told) so it’s a huge draw. But, there are nowhere near enough schools. So, if this lottery means that they can build schools and NOT have to raise my taxes very much, I’m all in. (See…a gambling term…boy am I clever)

If Rachel is forced to teach classes in a trailer, maybe it’s time to find a new way to fund school construction. I know that Southerners have a natural affinity towards trailers, but we don’t need to teach school in them.

Moving on to the weather…

As much as I’ve loved the weather here since we arrived nearly a year ago, it seems I should have enjoyed it less. We’re apparently having quite a drought down here. They post charts and graphs about water levels and stream flows and all shit in the paper every week. Usually I could care less. The weather is cyclical and it always figures itself out. Just last summer, they were saying that we’d be OUT of water by January. Well, I think that was water I used to flush a turd this morning, so that estimate was off by a little bit. Now, the water levels are OK up at the lake, but the in-flow is low because they didn’t have enough snow up in the mountains or something. I don’t know. What I do know is that they plan for hurricanes down here to add to the water supply. I find that amusing. It’s good planning, seeing as this is a hurricane-prone area. I find it amusing because hurricanes tend to blow shit apart. It’s like “Sorry Cletus, I know your trailer floated away in Hurricane Jezebel, but think, NoGoodDaddy can continue to flush his turds. Thanks for taking one for the team”. However…this year, the drought has me very PISSED OFF. Why? Because the pool out back can’t be filled. They drained the fucker after Labor Day and now we can’t get it filled. FUCK! I want that pool filled. I mean, where’s the kid supposed to shit all summer? In the toilet? But seriously folks…I’m mostly mad at out homeowners’ association board of idiots. These rules were in place last fall. So, when they drained the pool, they knew that unless we got like Noah-esque rain all winter, we’d be unable to re-fill it in the spring. Would it have killed them to get a cover and…cover it? Then, they’d just have to top it off (perfectly legal) and we’d be all set. So, I’m ornery about this. But, I get a feeling that the pool rule may relax. There’s no way they’re not letting all the swim clubs down here (our Y included) stay dry all summer. Think of the crime that would ensue as packs of hot, sweaty teenagers roamed the Triangle in search of refreshment.

Moving on.

Can someone tell me how this is possible?
At 5:00PM, the kid had a juice box
At 6:00 she had milk with dinner
At 8:00, she peed…a long pee…before bed
At 10:30, her bed was soaked, so we changed the sheets and her PJ’s
She also peed again
At 7:30 this morning, her bed was soaked

I don’t get it. This kid is like a camel when it comes to fluid retention…right up until bed time. Then, she lets loose like a geyser. Now, the juice box at 5 was probably not a good idea. We’ve tried to really limit her fluid intake lately after, say, 9:00AM to prevent these accidents. We don’t get it. For 5 nights in Myrtle Beach, she was wet only once. And that includes after nap time, the 10:30 check up and in the morning. Since we’re home, we’re changing at least one set of sheets per night…sometimes 2. Sometimes, I want to strangle the kid.

That’s it for the Tar Hell news.

Otherwise, it’s Friday and an interesting weekend looms. The Old Man and Miss S are here on Sunday, assuming they survive the beating from the ClaytonTwosome on Saturday. We really don’t know how they’ll respond to Miss S being in the picture. We just hope they behave.

Oh…here’s something I’ve been thinking about lately as I cruise around in my car:

There’s NOTHING on the radio down here. The AM side of the dial isn’t much better. I have 4 sports radio stations, but at most times, 3 are playing the same thing. And the other has Jim Rome. Ugh… So, I find myself listening to CDs in the car. The only problem is that I don’t like the music I have. Well, that’s not 100% true. I like my music, but I’m not always in the mood for it. It’s not always Buffett time for me. Sometimes, I’m just not in the mood. And, to compound the problem, my car stereo doesn’t seem to like playing CD’s burnt from the computer. It likes some brands of CD, but not others. I don’t get why this is. The car’s a 2000, so I guess not many people were burning disks back then. I think I may need to shop for a new stereo to overcome this problem. Then, I could make my own CDs. But, often when I do even that, I annoy myself and end up bored with the music.

So, I’m asking for musical help.

As we all know, I like Buffett. I also have in the CD holder right now some BareNakedLadies, some Bob Marley and Willie Nelson’s Country Man album (Willie does reggae (not as bad as it sounds)). The home collection also includes an extensive collection of Billy Joel and James Taylor. Other than that, there’s a fair smattering of a lot of everything else.

Based on that paltry list, who should I be listening to? I’ll add that I do not like slow music. At all. Anything new? Anything old?

I blame my parents for this (as usual). My father was always listening to classic rock when I was growing up, but in typical annoying-father fashion, he’s overdo it in the car and drum the dashboard and sing like a jackass. Hence, largely turning me off that genre of music. My mother taught exercise classes. So, she always was making tapes of peppy pop music for the ladies to jiggle to.

Then, I went to Snooty McPrepSchool where if you didn’t love the Dead or CSN (and sometimes Y) OR be a dumbass from NJ and listen to rap/techno/MarkyMarky you were left in the lurch.

I also hate Phil Collins for reasons I don’t have the time to get into right now.

These guys are cool (and I know that will not help the search at all considering their sound). I’ve heard them on radio Margaritaville from time to time and like them.

Someone out there’s got to have something for me.

Your NoGoodDaddy is asking for help. Please donate what you can.

And…for fun, I’ll be writing from NJ next time I write. Pissing and moaning for everyone!

20 thoughts on “I won’t make my music for money, no I’m gonna make my music for me

  1. A therapist? To tell us she's 3? Kids are potty trained when they are potty trained and not a moment before. Doesn't stop the parents of the world from wanting it to happen NOW! It's a process that will eventually happen. We just want it to happen now

  2. OK, non-parent question: have you taken her to a therapist? just curious. Music: people still listen to regular radio???? Two words: satellite radio.

  3. Oh holy shit, Rachel isn't kidding. I never had allergies until I moved back here in '93. Pollen is evil. EEEEEVIL. Dude, I've got you two CD's in the mail. They'll be waiting for you when you get home from Joisey.

  4. Gee, I'm sorry I didn't formally introduce you: Welcome to North Carolina, home of pine trees and killer pollen. If you didn't have allergies when you got her you'll have 'em when you leave!

  5. I too was going to suggest Jack Johnson, but I don't know if it fits into your hated "slow music" category or not. Oh, and as for the trailer, I've been out there for 5 years and am just grateful to have a job, much less a classroom. All of us arts ed people just know that we're getting closer and closer to the day they cut our positions.

  6. Gerber makes vinyl underwear pants to put over training pants, pull-ups or regular undies. You should check them out, so you don't have to change any more sheets at night.

  7. Dude, no idea what to do about the wet kid, other than maybe putting her to bed in those pull-ups or in a rubber rain suit. However, music, I know about. Try Jack Johnson, OAR and the Flaming Lips to start with, and I'll think of some more for you later.

  8. I have about seven zillion CDs full of Dylan tunes, if you're into His Awesomeness. So that's a suggestion. Because I can't help worth a shit with anything else.

  9. Get a beeping mat. Seriously, the reason for bedwetting is usually a lack of connection with "need to go" sensation and waking up. If you ask her what she dreamt about, it's highly likely that she dreamt she DID get up and go to the toilet, and will be thoroughly confused the bed is wet. The beeping mat connects the feeling and the waking up INSTANTLY. Medical journals reckon above the age of five it takes less than a week, and under five about three weeks to work. If you don't want a mat, you can order little beeping devices that clip onto their underwear and have a speaker on their collar.

  10. Dude, sit tight. You're on my fall list for tune-age. Now I used to not like slow stuff either, but some of it just MOVES me.

  11. Jim rome is a stool pushing, crack licking, cum guzzling, ass fister who should spend more time shutting up than talking and I hope he spontaneously combusts in a very public place sometime this weekend.

    If it wasn't for Jim Everett kicking his ass on super late night ESPN back in the day he would be the sports caster for some backwoods assed town of a 100 people. He would also have to cover the blue ribbon bake off because to them THAT IS A SPORT!

  12. My daughter is 10 and still wets the bed at night sometimes. It may be something you have to live with. We have. Remember though that it is NOT her fault. Really.

  13. Maybe one of you could get up during the night, make her get up and sit on the potty? After being woken up a few times she may get back on track. I've got your addy; I'll send you some of what I've got. You like metal, right? ;)

  14. I think it's the juice that does it. Seriously. Katie hasn't wet the bed for a while but had juice after soccer and well, at 3:30 she was in our room saying her bed was wet.

  15. Shoot me your new home address. I'll burn you a new one. In the meantime, head to http://www.pandora.com – type in the name of a band or song you like, and it will play tunes that have similar influences. I've been pretty impressed and discovered bands I never would have given a second glance to before. (Why in the world would you come back to NJ? You just finally managed to escape!)

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