And you’ll hear those hot lines hum

A quick update before we leave for a few days at the beach.

Got extended again…through September. I’m negotiating some sort of stay bonus of severance package thing to make sure I’m still financially solvent should the job market get hinky.

Now, I admit, I hate HealthCareRelatedCompany. They make me angry. I’m also headed back no the road soon…for like 2 months. I’m also ghastly underpaid.

But, I get to spend another summer at home. That means that every day at quittin’ time, I can walk out the back door and go see my girls at the pool. That’s worth a lot more than money.

Than again…I wonder why I even try looking for a new job. It seems that the act of looking is an exercise. The Gods need to know that you’re looking. Then, they decide how to align the stars for you.

Case in point:

A guy I used to work with LastJob went to Arizona.
He knows I like UConn. We used to abuse each other about it.
He also now works for NewCompany (the marriage of This Old Customer and That Old Customer).
He was in their Edison office last week. They (the half that is known as That Old Customer) do our checks for HealthCareRelatedCompany.
My name came up because they all know me there from a former lifetime (I almost got a job working for them a ways back)
He emailed me.
He learned that I now live in NC (we haven’t spoken in like 3 years)
The sales manager from our Boston offices at LastJob is now working down here in Greensboro for this NewCompany thing. He’s got my resume.
Something could come of this.

Nothing may come of it, but my resume is in some good hands now. I don’t want to work in Greensboro, but they must have clients in Raleigh. Maybe they’re hiring. Maybe someone they know is hiring.

I don’t understand how networking ends up working, but the fact that UConn beat Arizona a few times in the early 00′s may have gotten my resume into the right hands.

If I were to give a lesson, it’s that you should never think that what you’re doing right now is pointless.

Everything seems to happen for a reason. At the time, it often seems unrelated to anything, but somehow…it relates to everything.

“All things serve the Beam”

Well, I got to get going. I have to load up the car and head South.

10 thoughts on “And you’ll hear those hot lines hum

  1. You need to take on TWO new jobs so I can move in with you and the girls and you can support all of us … plus my four kats.

  2. Man, I'm glad I'm good enough at what I do that I never worry about employment. But listen – good luck to YOU in your search for less odious working conditions. If that's possible…..

  3. That's one good thing about the Army — job security! By the way, if you happen to be traveling down I-95 and pass by my neck of the woods, you had better call me, bitch!

  4. Dangerspouse (who is not MY spouse … unfortunately): *I* also didn't worry about being unemployed until it happened to me this year.

  5. Um, yea there are pointless things. But you never know where anything may lead you. The best you can do is fill you time and life doing meaningfull things. These too have just as much possibility to leading to productive results than hoping meaningless things will.

    didja ever wonder why some people have so much shit in thier lives? It's usually because they provide opportunities for it.

    hope that made sense. My point. Don't fool yourself that pointless things have value.

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