Down here, on the knees of my heart

Pray for Him.

He’s a good Gnome and needs prayers.

Surgery has been scheduled.

Will he ever be whole again?

Light a candle for Sir Clarence

10 thoughts on “Down here, on the knees of my heart

  1. You know, I felt a ripple in the fabric of the universe recently. I had no idea it was poor Sir Clarence. Hope he's on the mend, soon.

    "They killed Clarence!"
    "You bastards!"

  2. I could blame 3 people for his demise:

    American Tourister: Their rolling suitcase didn't protect him enough

    The apes at EWR who handled the bag

    Me: I had him on the bottom of the bag with my laundry on top of him. I imagine he took a bad bump. He should have been packed near the top of the bag so he was cushioned from below. All he had against him was the bag's support rails. He's still not speaking to me.

  3. To protect Sir Clarence, surgery should include "Great Stuff". Used as an enema, to fill the body cavity, not only will this make Sir Clarence whole again, but will also provide a small shock absorbing quaility.

  4. Wear rubber gloves dofus, and have a MOTEL wash cloth loaded with hot water and you shoulb be fine, and if you are still scared, rub vaseline on his boots and that will keep that shit from sticking to everything.

  5. OK, I'll be the lone voice of dissension and let you know that I bloody well hate, hate, HATE that stupid gnome with the stupid fake English accent. I'm glad he's dead.

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