So close your eyes and I’ll be back real soon

I stole some plastic forks and knives from the lunchroom. I bought a corkscrew last weekend.

I am kicking ass!

So, I just drank me my first glass of wine of the evening and it came from a bottle that has a cork!



I ate a salad…


Life is so fucking awesome.

It’s Wednesday. I’ll be home in under 48 hours. I have a week at home before I hit the road again for at least another week. That time, I’m headed to Mo Town Phillly.

I know you’re all jealous, but someone’s got to live the good life here. And it’s gotta be me.

My goal is to not get fat on these trips. Having your eating habits go to shit is quite easy when on the road. But, I try none the less. I watch what I eat and try to exercise. And when I say try, I mean strap on my new fancy shmancy ankle weight and work my knee out in the room. The desire to have my free drink always betas a trip to the gym.

So, I’m sitting here doing leg lifts. Sexy, no?

That’s it, folks. I’m tired and have work to do and am looking at an empty wine glass. Time to fill up.

More e-hugs. I need it. I miss my girls and my home.

11 thoughts on “So close your eyes and I’ll be back real soon

  1. Get your ass to Arizona when the weather warms up…should be in about two weeks. We'll go stare at airplanes and stuff. There is airplanes all over this state!

    non-feyg e-hug from yours truly, TX18366

  2. When I get into confernce season, I always think I'm going to gain 10 or 15 pounds, because us data geeks like a drink or five after a hard day of conferencin', and then there's all the free food we eat plus the dinners we charge our schools for. Yum! So I hear ya, bro.

  3. Don't get in a hurry with the knee, make surer you pace yourself. Something 10-15 reps a glass aught to do it. I'll break down and give you some Manly, ghetto one armed street E hugs, but not the "brokebackside montain" ( stole it not mine)hugs I know you really want.

  4. Hugs 2 days after the fact, in case you're still jonesing!

    Get back soon so your entries aren't so sad. It's hurting me to think of all that boxed wine you're putting in yourself when you've got such a gorgeous stash at home!

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