I wish I could jump on a plane

How bad is it? I’ll tell you. But, first, I have to do this:

If you’re reading this and come see me today, I’ll assign you a name and tell stories about you. Since I like you more than just about anyone else at HealthCareRelatedCompany, you get a nice name and I’ll only tell funny stories that make me look like an idiot.

Yup…I opened my big mouth and challenged someone at work to find me. Took her 1 minute.

We’ll see if how this goes.

Rock bottom…oh yea….

So, I’m so fucking tired that it stopped being funny hours ago. But, I have work to do. But, I also feel bad for not writing more this week…and when I say more I mean “at all”.

(No links tonight…my linkylink cheat sheet is at home…which I think is still in NC)

So…rock bottom.

I’m sitting in my hotel suite (not on the 4th or 5th floor…so no hooker) in a pair of ripped shorts and a t-shirt. I just ate dinner…a salad and garlic bread that I picked up. I had no silverwear, so I ate my salad by hand. That’s sad.

It gets sadder.

I’m drinking something called Vendange Chardonnay. Not only is it Chardonnay…a wine I no longer care for, but it comes in…essentially a large juice box. Yup…rock bottom. When I bought it, the cashier offered me a straw. Sad… Of course, I also bought ChurchBomber one of these the other night when I went to go sit on their couch and complain that I was tired. It’s a ritual when I come up here. I bring them wine in exchange for listening to me complain about shit. I’m sure they love it. But, I bought ChurchBomber a “bawks of wine” so that made it OK. I think we’re buying a case of these things before next summer. The box says it’s 3 servings. Right. 3 servings? It’s 3 glasses…since when is a glass a serving of wine?


Holy hopping shit am I busy. I’m going home tomorrow only to come back on Monday. I’m off to the Philly-area on Feb 6 for a visit to the vendor site. I hope not to have to come up the week in between. I may have to. Shit…I may just go buy my house back. It may be worth it in the end. It’s possible that I may be here 3 weeks out of 4 until some time in April. That s to the ucks.

On another note, I may have been offered a job with RedVendor. Of course, it’s in PHILADELPHIA! They assume I’d commute…that’s what all their project managers do apparently. I don’t know about that. As much as JewelrySlut hates me, having me no longer be at home could even get to her. There’s only so many locals you can fuck before you yearn for your hairy-assed, balding husband (that would be me).

So, back to the busy…

We met with our network/mainframe/whateverthehell people today. I have no idea what happened other than that I have no idea what happened. Something about VPNS or T1 lines and something called “Intrusion Management”. All I know is that people keep getting calls from me that go like this:

Hi…this is NoGoodDaddy. I’m working on the BIG project that includes shutting down the production at MyFacility. I just got your name and think you need to be in on this meeting because the plan is to transition the work prior to April 1.

Then this happens


Then I say “I know…but can you help me any way?”

It’s fun….

But I’m learning and everyone keeps telling me that this is good resume fodder. It’s quite an experience. I’m used to running a show and knowing fully what’s going on . Not this time. This is more of delegation and information gathering. As long as I keep getting the right people in the room and can take notes and disseminate information, I should be fine. But, it’s very eye-opening.

I have a 3:00 flight tomorrow and I pray that it’s on time. I want to go home and see my girls. Every time I talk to Shmuppie she tells me how much she misses me. I loaded pictures of her to my new Palm so it’s kinda OK. But not quite right.

I miss my girls and hope this is all worth it in the end…

More E-kisses, folks.

I can feel the love…or is that the wine? God is it ever awful.

17 thoughts on “I wish I could jump on a plane

  1. I did consulting work and was basically gone for 10 weeks straight, but I had no kids then. I was about 1/2 insane on cheap booze, hotel food and Spankavision movies. Hang, bro. It'll be OK.

  2. Dude, that sucks big monkey cocks. Hope you're back home soon. WTF happened to working from home? Did they change their minds? Fuckers. Yeah, and I can say that cuz they can't fire me, I don't work! ;)

  3. Thanks Pimp..happy you noticed. It was there for you. I'm so tired this morning and I thikn my flight might be cancelled. Boy…I should be paying attentnion right now. Something about a JES Connect Module. Help me Jesus

  4. If you're going to drink boxed wine and are not completely broke, go for "Block Wine" … seriously. If you are closer to broke than that: Almaden wine is not bad at all for cheap boxed wine. Avoid Franzia and all others. (I tell you this even though you haven't commented me in months!!!)

  5. Gee, no comments, go figure… Anyway, boxed wine is just fine. Fits in the fridge and all. Wombat and I will have quite the selection of boxed wine until we can afford a cork screw…

  6. No comments!!!! I've been working ungodly hours this past week and it's all I can do to see through the box-wine haze to get this out there. i'll try to ignore my meeting s and comment more in the coming weeks. I sincerely apologize.

    PS: I killed Sir Clarence by accident

  7. NGD, on a more serious note… I have two daughters and when they were little, they lived far away from me for 10 years. I know your pain… wine is quite good for that kind of thing. Anyway, my comment about no comments was not directed towards you. But I won't go there until Wombat explains it to you…Who is Sir Clarence? I am really out of the loop.

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