Leave a candle in the window, I’m coming home

Quickie update in case any of you missed me.

I’m in NJ this week, working with a guy from RedVendor who has the personality of a wet, soggy leaf. He had to go to his hotel at 4:30 yesterday because he was tired.


It’s cold here. I no longer have a tolerance for cold.

The waitress at the restaurant bar recognized me and said it had been a while. I’m officially scared. I’ve become a regular at the Embassy Suites in Parsippany NJ.

Shmuppieism before I go:

We’re in JC Penney’s on Friday buying luggage. We’re in the bedding area:

“Look at that bed. It’s so Cute-iful”
Me (to JewelrySlut): Did she just say…
JewelrySlut(Waving me off because there’s no sense in pursuing it): Shhh…

The 2 of them are alone all week. I hope they both make it.

Bye everyone. Miss me and send me lots of e-hugs and kisses. I can’t say why other than…because you all love me.

10 thoughts on “Leave a candle in the window, I’m coming home

  1. Wet sloppy ones from Michigan, dear. Just bundle up and stay warm. TX? I'm secretly laughing. Not so secretly maybe…. 33 degrees? In Phoenix? There IS a God. NGD, LOVE the shmuppieisms — keep 'em coming. "Cutie-ful" is now in my vocabulary.

  2. I thought about calling JS and seeing if we could get together but I'm still feeling like crap. No sense in passing germs on to your family even though I LOVE to share. Hope you're home soon and I'll send you e-kisses only because you open doors for me. That totally rocks, man!

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