No…it was fun

How did my trip home go yesterday?

This is what I wrote to Ben and Jerry’s:

Yesterday at Newark Airport, they had the heat set to “Damn Hot”. So, for reasons unknown, I decided that a B&J sorbet would make a good dinner. I’d tried to order there a few months back and was yelled at “We don’t make no smoothies” (To make this fantastic, the employee yelling this at me was standing under a “SMOOTHIES!” sign). In any event, I hate myself, so I tried again yesterday.

4 people seemed to be working. 3 were talking to either each other of friends (cell phones). One girl was waiting on people at her own pace. and my that, I mean “whenever she damn well pleased”. At one point, another customer asked what he had to do to get an order taken. The one “worker” announced that she had to take out the garbage and then she’d help him. She did so, and then (without washing her hands) served my line-mate.

This is just a horribly managed operation. I’m in Newark airport all the time for business travel and I see behavior like this each time I walk past. It’s not good for the brand. I mean, there is no peace love or harmony going on there. Not one bit.

I didn’t save the one I sent to Continental, but it was about the same.

(Thank God it’s Friday and I am not in NJ anymore)

One thought on “No…it was fun

  1. Jesus you’re a sucker for punishment. I’m so used to reminding kids to wash their hands after they use the bathroom I’d have no compunction whatsoever in yelling “HEY BITCH! WASH YOUR HANDS!” You’re welcome.

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