I may have to change my name to something infinitely more powerful now

And I quote:


If the letter dated June 4th of this year incorrectly identified tenants of 1778 OurStreet, I apologize. However, I do not feel that is the case.

Earlier in the week of May 27, a resident of 1776 OurStreet approached a member of the board to ask that he let the tenants of 1778 OurStreet into the pool. The residents of 1778 claimed that they were never supplied a pool key. Acting in good faith, the board member escorted the tenants of 1778, an adult female included, to the pool and admitted them. Within a matter of minutes, I was forced to leave my house (1730 OurStreet) and go to the pool to advise the tenants of 1778 that they were not to throw the pool safety equipment in the pool or at each other.

In the subsequent days, the same people, without the supervision of an adult, were often at the pool. During the time they were at the pool, they were loud, crude and disruptive. On several occasions, my wife, other residents of My Kingdom, and I had to reprimand the children. They were running on the pool deck, cursing at each other, and attacking each other with pool toys and safety equipment. Reprimands from adults at the pool were often met with profanity from the children.

On Friday June 1, the same children mentioned above were at the pool for much of the afternoon. I was working from home that day and my wife and daughter were at the pool for a while. The same behavior continued, and was so bad that my wife brought our daughter home. She preferred to stay home than subject our 5-year old daughter to the behavior and language that was being used by the children tenants of 1778 OurStreet.

During this time, I observed these same children “playing” with the gate and lock. I observed more people who I did not recognize from the community coming and going in and out of the gate without the use of keys. This made me suspicious that someone had vandalized the lock and gate. At approximately 6:00PM, I saw children riding bicycles around the pool deck. At this point, I went down there to stop them. I asked that they stop riding bicycles in the pool area. I also noticed that the gate and lock had been tampered with. When I asked the children present (without an adult to supervise them) if they had tinkered with the lock, I was cursed at. I then announced that I was locking the pool and that they had to leave. Again, I was met with a barrage of foul and racially motivated language.

Later that evening, I and another board member repaired the lock, taking time out of our evening and going through our homes to find the appropriate supplies.

On dates that followed, children from 1778 were observed coming and going in and out of the pool. They were also observed using electric outlets by the pool to charge their cell phones. I have been made aware through the grapevine that the electricity to 1778 has been cut. As a result of this “electricity theft”, we have capped off the outlet by the pool.

The behavior of this group of children, at the pool, as well as throughout My Kingdom has become problematic. The threat by the tenant of 1778 My Kingdom to file suit against members of the community, in my opinion, is as groundless as it is immature.

I will allow any fines levied against the property in regards to the incidents of June 1 to be dropped. However, the property manager for that unit must be made aware that the owners and residents of property in My Kingdom will no longer permit the tenants of 1778 OurStreet to behave like they have in the past. If they do not have a key to the pool, and have not been provided one by their owner or property manager, they will not be welcome to use it. If they are seen at the pool, they will be asked to leave. If they put up any resistance, either through words or physical action, the police will be called immediately to remove them.

Thank you,

President, My Kingdom Homeowners Association

I sent that on Thursday afternoon. Just now, I got this in my email:


Based on the information I have received from NoGoodDaddy’s Kingdom Board members, yourself, and some of the residents at the property, we have decided to evict the tenant. My attorney will file papers at the Wake County Courthouse tomorrow and we should get a court date by the end of the month. I will urge the tenant to go ahead and move but I can’t guarantee that she will until she is forced to do so. Please do not spread the word to everyone that she is being evicted because I don’t want the tenant to hear it from neighbors, etc.

I would like to apologize to all of you who have had to endure such rudeness by our tenants at such a nice property!

I will keep you appraised of my progress with the eviction.



What does this mean?

It means that I am the Fucking Boss.

8 thoughts on “I may have to change my name to something infinitely more powerful now

  1. Dear Nappyheaded ho’s.

    Please leave the trailer park before it gets dark.

    Hugs and Kisses


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