It’s hot

I’m not kidding folks, it’s fucking hot out today.
hot 1
This shows the time of the hotness
hot 2
And this shows just how hot it is.
110 is hot. I know it’s hotter where our girl is, but, still.
It’s hot.

Please don’t forget, while looking at my hotness to view today’s earlier post

5 thoughts on “It’s hot

  1. 43 degrees C … Yeah ok, I’ll grudgingly admit that’s pretty hot. Appreciate that assessment from someone who knows what hot is; today here it is 21 C (70 F), and its winter. Yesterday I was doing the gardening in shorts.

  2. It got up to 104* yesterday with a heat index of 112*. Today it’s supposed to be hotter. I’m not leaving the house. Everyone needs to email Meany and tell her they love her.

  3. I went to Table Rock Lake in the Ozarks last week, and it was 104+ every day. It was too hot to do anything, so I caught up on my Cspan viewing for a week.

    In other news, I JUST upgraded to that exact same thermostat… it’s frickin sweet!

  4. Dude, I can’t hate — 110 is pretty fucking hot. Plus, you probably have humidity, which the desert blessedly lacks. Be strong, and take advantage of that fully-functioning AC.

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